SOLOS Premium Ergonomic Chair

Starting things off today we have this fantastic ergonomic chair from the highly reputable office furniture company, SOLOS.

The SOLOS Premium Ergonomic Chair offers up to 9 adjustments, it provides lumbar support with additional airflow thanks to the mesh support design, and it also happens to be one of the sturdiest and most durable office chairs on the market today.

The premium ergonomic chair is very easy to install as it comes with just 2 pre-installed screws, not to mention a 3-year warranty for added peace of mind. The chair offers 35 degree rotation, a 15 degree armrest adjustment, and a 2.0” horizontal adjustment.

This is the perfect standing chair to use in conjunction with a standing desk as it is not only comfortable and supportive, it is also stylish too.


The second standing chair that we’re going to be looking at today is the UPLIFT J3 Ergonomic Chair.

The J3 provides premium features for an affordable price. It offers an adjustable seat height, lumbar support, adjustable armrests, a sturdy base and casters, reclining and tilt adjustments, a contoured design to fit most body types, and a leather seat complete with high density foam cushion for extra comfort.

The J3 from UPLIFT is one of the most popular ergonomic chairs on the market today. Despite being primarily leather, the backrest comes in a cool mesh design for optimal airflow, so for those warm summer days or when the AC isn’t working, you’ll remain nice and cool, rather than overheating.

All in all, if you want an ergonomic and attractive office chair that offers comfort and support, UPLIFT has got your back, almost literally.

Autonomous ErgoChair Pro

If it comes from Autonomous, you know it’s going to be uber-modern and loaded full of features, and the ErgoChair Pro certainly does not disappoint.

This chair provides a smooth reclining feature with 5 locking positions, full support for a max user weight of 300 pounds, adjustable head tilt, backrest, armrest, and seat height, a woven mesh back for optimal airflow, and flexible lumbar support in any seating position.

This chair is perfect for those looking to protect their posture, and as an added bonus, it has a very modern and contemporary design as well.

Flexispot Soutien Chair

The penultimate office chair that we have for you today is the Flexispot Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair.

This chair is perhaps the most advanced standing chair we’ve looked at so far, and is equipped with numerous features. Not only does it offer a 3D lumbar support system, it also provides 4D adjustable arm rests and 135 degree lounge feature. This is not only perfect for your posture when you are sitting rather than standing, it is also extremely comfortable as well.

The 3-height lumbar adjustment system is especially popular as the sleek curved design blends effortlessly into the contours of your neck and spine to offer maximum comfort and support where you need it the most.

Again, like the other chairs on our list today, this too offers a breathable mesh airflow design to prevent overheating and clamminess in the warmer months. The 45-degree backrest tilt allows you to lean back and recline in comfort when you are relaxing at work, which does wonders for your morale and productivity.

All in all, this really is a very comfortable and supportive standing office chair.

Herman Miller Aeron Office Chairs

Finally, we have Herman Miller Aeron Office Chairs.

Aeron ergonomic chairs are considered the evolution of office furniture in both design and features.

The 3-height lumbar adjustment system is especially popular as the sleek curved design blends effortlessly into the contours of your neck and spine to offer maximum comfort and support where you need it the most.

The Aeron Office Chair utilized pellicle materials to help keep the user cool by allowing air, body heat, and water vapour to pass through the backrest and the seat, rather than being absorbed. This provides the perfect temperature in any weather.

The Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Office Chairs have been created with a health-positive design in mind. The idea here is not just to provide comfort, but to actively support good health and posture too, and they have certainly nailed that.

Final thoughts