Globally, the gaming industry is currently believed to be valued at around $200 Billion worldwide, with that number set to increase by more than $100 Billion by 2026. What does this tell us? Well, it tells us that people love their games!

Gaming has been popular for several decades now, and although computer games have come a heck of a long way since the days of Pong, Pacman, Frogger, and Space Invaders (all classics, by the way) people are still willing to spend big bucks on computer games and gaming setups.

On the subject of gaming setups, gaming PCs are all the rage at the moment and if you’re a gamer you’ll know that in order to make the ultimate gaming setup, you will need a gaming desk.

Whether you choose a wooden gaming desk, or a more functional and practical one such as a PVC computer desk, knowing which desk to select is much easier said than done. To help make your decision a little easier, here is a detailed gaming desk buying guide for you to read through.


What is a gaming desk?


A gaming desk, as the name suggests, is a desk which has been designed specifically with gaming in mind.

Gaming desks are ergonomically designed to provide a practical and comfortable workstation for people playing computer games, and indeed, for working too.

Whether you choose a PVC computer desk or another material, if you choose the right desk your gaming experience will be enhanced noticeably.

Gaming desks can be used sitting and standing. In fact, a good quality standing gaming desk such as the SOLOS Gaming Standing Desk will make for the ultimate gaming experience.

This desk from SOLOS is a prime example of how useful standing gaming desks can really be. This PVC gaming desk features a stylish and curved design with adjustable foot pads. It is incredibly spacious, can be height adjusted in a matter of seconds, and features a 70KG weight capacity, making it one of SOLOS’ most popular desks.


Gaming desk buying mistakes to avoid


If you’re on the market for a top quality gaming desk, knowing what to avoid is just as important as knowing which features to look out for.

Here’s a look at some common gaming desk buying mistakes to avoid.


Choosing the cheapest desks possible


We understand all too well how tight things are financially at the moment, but when buying a gaming desk, don’t make price the only deciding factor.

Avoid gaming desks made from cheap materials and instead look for things like a wooden gaming desk, or a PVC computer desk such as the SOLOS Gaming Standing Desk.

If you buy a gaming desk based on price alone, it will likely be cheap for a reason, meaning that it won’t hold much weight, it won’t last long, and if it is a standing desk, the motor will likely breakdown and stop working after a short while.


Not checking the weight capacity


Remember, as you are building a gaming setup, you want your gaming desk to be able to hold onto a good amount of weight.

Too many people who purchase a gaming desk buy one without checking the weight capacity, and then wonder why the motor is burning out when they put too many heavy items on it.

Your gaming desk is going to hold things like monitors, towers, printers, phones, headsets, files, magazines, and other gadgets and gizmos and you need to ensure that the desk can hold them. Before buying, check how much weight the desk you have your eye on can actually hold.

Ideally you want a PVC computer desk, or wooden gaming desk that can withstand at least 60kg, though ideally desks that can withstand 70kg and upwards are even better.


Choosing the wrong size


A gaming desk should be large and spacious, so be sure to read the measurements before ordering.

The last thing you want when buying a gaming desk is to find that it’s too small, leaving you no room for your keyboard, mouse, controller, and countless other gaming gadgets.

Before ordering your new gaming desk, make sure you check just how large it is.


Why choose a gaming desk?


With so many different desks out there to choose from, why should you purchase a gaming desk over a regular desk?

Here are some reasons to choose a gaming desk:


Better posture


One of the main benefits of gaming desks over regular desks is the fact that they promote good posture.

A wooden gaming desk for example, is designed to be ergonomic and is likely available as a standing desk too. Standing desks help to improve the posture, ease back pain, and promote weight loss, making them ideal for everyday use.


More spacious


A PVC computer desk such as the SOLOS Gaming Desk is not only ergonomic, it is also designed to be more spacious, making it perfect for gaming. 

Having more desk space makes for the ultimate gaming experience. Remember, as well as your gaming accessories, you’ll also want somewhere to put your food, drinks, and snacks when gaming, which is why gaming desks are so useful.

These desks are designed with space in mind, so you can fit everything on that you need to, without having to worry about running out of room.




When gamers design gaming setups, not only are they looking for practical and efficient gaming spaces, they’re also looking for sleek, stylish, and modern setups as well.

Gaming desks are designed with gaming in mind so they come with all kinds of fancy accessories and designs to help make them look modern and stylish, and to blend in with the gaming environment.




Finally, the last benefit of choosing a gaming desk is the fact that they’re so practical.

Gaming desks such as the SOLOS Gaming Desk, are made from practical materials which are designed to wipe down easily and last a long time. If you spill your can of soda on your PVC gaming desk for example, simply wipe it with a damp cloth and it’ll be as good as new once again.