SOLOS V2 Premium Standing Desk (with white stand)

Upgraded V2 Premium Version, Adjustable Height/Sit-to-Stand/Stand Up Desk, 2 Motors 2 Stages, 3 Height Memory Presets, Ergonomic Alarm, Anti-collision System, 55 x 27 Inches, 30-day Free Returns, 5-years Warranty
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Power Grommet(+$39)
  • Ergonomic health & wellness relieve pressure along your back and reduce strain on neck and shoulders.
  • From 27.2 to 46.5 inches high by one click(28.2 to 47.5 inches with table board), credit to SOLOS smooth pneumatic mechanism adjust the desktop.
  • A spacious 55*27” large surface area,sufficient and ideal for daily work.
  • Dual motor stands, more stable, fast and reliable than others.
  • 30 day trial, return & refund policy.
  • Certificates: FCC UL CUL RoHS CE Erp RCM KC
  • 5 years of warranty guarantee your 100% satisfaction with us.

An Improved Design And Reliability

SOLOS V2 premium standing desk (V1 premium desk boasts more economical price) further improve the design of structure, make it more easier to assemble, by the omni-directional desk legs, brand new holeless design and a compatible beam cover. All of these largely simplify its structure with less screws needed but stronger load capacity. V2 series (black leg desk) improve the load capacity up to 265 lbs and max speed up to 1.3 inches per second compared to our first generation of premium series standing desk.

Your Expectation In One-Touch Adjustment

With a wide aggressive stance, the four powerful lifting columns are built for stable frame height adjustments from 27.2 to 46.5 inches at 1.3"/second(28.2 to 47.5 inches with table board). Press a button (operation instruction) and SOLOS office desk zooms to your choice with different sitting and standing positions. SOLOS office desks provide advanced surface design with two pre-installed cable grommet while with optional power grommets and a variety of other desk accessories. You can enjoy an organized & clean work area with these helpful accessories built for SOLOS standing desks, and make it unique for your personal use. Height adjustable work tables give you the flexibility to sit or stand while working, adapting to the task. Durable work surfaces and sturdy bases give you long-lasting quality that you can rely on.

Dual-Turbo Motors

A SOLOS V2 Premium standing desk is an important tool to get your best work in a mood-enhancing and energizing setting. The improved dual motors enhances the longevity and allows your desk to move smoother, evenly, and faster. The double motor effortlessly raise & lower your desk (differences between single and dual motor desks). Width adjusts to fit your space and desktop. The dual motor version can support and lift up to 265 lbs with low noise level under 50 db. SOLOS office desk is designed and built for your convenience and comfort at work.

High Quality And Eco-Friendly

You can customize the color and material of your office desk to perfectly fit your space. SOLOS office desktops come in your choice of a high-quality E1 level wood (black, white, wood and walnut) both traditional rectangular and curve shape, All SOLOS desktops must pass the strict EPA (Environment Protect Agency) certified and truly environment friendly. And the desk frame is built of SPCC steel, which makes it a solid product with high load capacity (V2 desk specification) on the surface, available for both white and black color.We wanted to make SOLOS office desk extremely comfortable for long periods of use. You'll reach more of your desktop with ease. Get closer to your work and increase productivity with Strong, Sturdy and Stylish office desks.

Choice For a Healthier Lifestyle

Get better work from a more active posture. Standing while working increases creativity so you can see the way forward faster. When you have zero free time, switching to a standing desk is one way to squeeze fitness back into your life. SOLOS adjustable standing desk is your best choice for a healthier lifestyle. It creates a comfortable and flexible environment for you in order to improve workers’ contentment and productivity.

Professional Space Design

SOLOS has a wide variety of options according to your budget and your workplace expectations. Designing a perfect solution is not selling products, but more importantly, knowing our customers needs. Our solution is agile and flexible. We are able to deliver exclusive products for your special needs.We are dedicated to deliver excellent design with good value. SOLOS is a vanguard of creativity and creates modern furniture with integrity and character.

Key Specifications

Desk Surface E1 Level Board (Pre-drilled hole)
Steel Frame SPCC
Height range of frame 27.2-46.5 inches
Horizontal Range of the Frames 43.3-74.8 inches
Stage of each leg 2
Motors Qty 2
Lift Type Electric
Max speed 1.30"/s
Noise Emission Under 45 dBS
Preset Function Yes
Alarm Function Yes
Anti-Collision System Yes
Non-porous Design Yes
Operation Temperature 32-104°F
Voltage 110 -240V
Load Capacity 120KG/265lbs
Shipping Dimension 45.1*8.1*9.8 inches (stand) + 58*30*3 inches (board)
Shipping Weight 70.8 lbs (stand) + 66 lbs (board)
Warranty 5 years

Product Specification


Frame Diagram

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