V2 Premium Standing Desk

Dual Motors, Tabletop Size Option: 55"x27"(L), 47"x23"(S)
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  • Promotes health and wellness with ergonomic design.
  • 27.2 to 46.5 inches height adjustable (28.2 to 47.5 inches with table board). 
  • With dual motors, this desk is faster, more reliable, and more stable than other models.
  • 30-day trial, return & refund policy.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed and 5-year warranty.

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    SOLOS Premium Frame Versus V2 Premium Frame

    An Improved and More Reliable Design

    The SOLOS V2 premium standing desk further improves the structural design making it easier to assemble than the previous generation. The omnidirectional desk legs, new holeless design, and compatible beam cover add simplicity to the structure with great convenience. We are confident in our standing desk products with certification from UL, FCC, RoHS, CE, and BIFMA. Choose SOLOS for a strict qualification and reliable quality.

    Convenient One-Touch Adjustment Controller

    Convenient One-Touch Adjustment

    The SOLOS stand controller (controller instruction) makes using the desk's features simple. Change the desk height by pressing the up and down button on the hand controller; With the three memory height presets, you can set up the perfect sitting and standing positions for yourself and multiple users. The anti-collision system smartly protects the desk itself from any obstacles during the height change. The alarm function reminds the user of sitting or standing for long periods and rotating them accordingly. The auto-dark LED display is less visible in light and more visible in the dark when it is needed.

    Dual-Turbo Motors of V2 Premium Frame

    Dual-Turbo Motors

    The SOLOS V2 premium standing desk is an essential tool that unlocks your full working potential in a mood-enhancing and energizing setting. The improved dual motors pre-installed into two legs allow for smoother and faster movement with enhanced longevity. The dual-motors make raising and lowering the desk an effortless task; it can supports up to 265 lbs with a low noise level under 50 dB. See more options for our dual-motor standing desk, check the Advanced Standing Desk.

    High Quality And Eco-Friendly Features of SOLOS V2 Premium Desk

    High Quality and Eco-Friendly

    Easily customize the color and material of your office desk to fit your space perfectly. The SOLOS office desktops come in your choice of high-quality E1 level wood (black, white, wood, oak, and walnut colors), both traditional rectangular and curved-shape ones. All SOLOS desktops must pass strict EPA (Environment Protect Agency) certification to become genuinely environmentally friendly. The desk frame is built from durable SPCC steel, enabling a high load capacity (V2 desk specification), available in both white and black colors. We designed SOLOS V2 premium standing desks to be extremely comfortable for long periods of use.

    The Choice For a Healthier Lifestyle from Standing Desks

    The Choice for a Healthier Lifestyle

    Work more efficiently with a more active posture. According to WHO research, Standing while working increases creativity and allows you to see the way forward faster. When there is very little free time, switching to a standing desk is a great way to squeeze fitness back into your life. SOLOS adjustable standing desks are the best choice for a healthier lifestyle. It creates a comfortable and flexible environment to improve employees' contentment and productivity.

    SOLOS Provides with Professional Space Design Solution for Business Offices

    Professional Space Design

    SOLOS has a wide variety of options according to your budget and your workplace expectations. Designing a perfect solution is not selling products, but more importantly, knowing our customer's needs and providing professional suggestions and consultants accordingly. SOLOS solution is agile, customized, and flexible. We can deliver exclusive products for your particular needs and providing the excellent design with great value. SOLOS is a vanguard of creativity that creates modern furniture with integrity and character.

    SOLOS Desk Stand Specifications

    Basic Info
    Height Range(Desktop Included): 27.2''-46.5''/690-1180mm
    Load Capacity: 99.8kg/220lbs
    Max Speed: 1.3’‘/s(33mm/s)
    Horizontal Range: 1000-1700mm
    Alarm Function : Yes
    Anti-Collision System : Yes
    Shipping Info
    Shipping Dimension: 45.1''x 8.1''x 9.8''/1145x205x250mm
    Shipping Weight: 70.8lbs/32.1kg

    SOLOS V2 Standing Desk Assembly Manual

    SOLOS Desk Top Specifications

    Small Desk Top: 47"x23"

    Medium Desk Top: 55"x27"

    Curved Desk Top: 55"x27"

    Desk TopColorPackage Info
    Small Top White, Wood S: 48.3''x24.4''x1.9''
    W: 30.9lbs/ 14.0kg
    Medium Top White,Wood
    S: 56.2''x28.4''x1.9''
    W: 39.1lbs/17.7kg
    Curved Top White,Wood S: 56.2''x28.4''x1.9''

    SOLOS V2 Standing Desk Specification

    SOLOS Desk Controller Specification

    SOLOS V2 Standing Desk Controller

    Adjust the desk upwards
    Adjust the desk downwards
    1 Position 1, first height position saved by the user
    2 Position 2, second height position saved by the user
    3 Position 3, third height position saved by the user
    M Height memory function
    A Alert button to remind users changing posture

    SOLOS V2 Standing Desk Controller

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Is it optional to install the casters?

    A: Yes, SOLOS provides variety of accessories, including the desk casters, you may add to purchase, and simply install 4 casters under the base of desk legs.

    Q: How the standing desk works to adjust height?

    A: V2 Premium standing desk comes with a hand controller, a control box, and two motors. You could use hand controller for height up and down once it connects to the power.

    Q: Can I use my own tabletop with Solos standing desk legs?

    A: Yes, you may use your own tabletop with our standing desk legs. as long as it has a flat surface, and 47 to 78 inches long, 23 to 31 inches wide.

    Q: Do you have any local store that I can try your standing desk?

    A: Currently, we do not have a local store, but we provide a 30 days hassle-free return policy, you could return the product if you are not satisfied with it within 30 days after your purchase. Solos will cover the return shipping cost for any quality issues, otherwise, the return shipping cost will be the responsibility of the buyers.

    Q: What is the difference between one motor standing desk and dual motors standing desk?

    A: Dual motors have two motors inside of two legs, it provides faster speed, greater load capacity, and stability than a single motor standing desk. In the meanwhile. Single motor still meets the basic requirement for daily use, and with better cost-effective. SOLOS provides both options for our customers.

    Q: How to assemble a SOLOS V2 Standing Desk?

    A: We have detailed assembly guides that are included with your standing desk. It will only take you 10-30 minutes to assemble a SOLOS standing desk by following the guidance. You may also click here to download PDF version guidance or watch our Youtube tutorial video.

    Q: Why I need a standing desk?

    A: It is not healthy for our body after a long time sitting, common problems such as neck pain, eyestrain, obesity, muscle ache, and spine pressure. Solos advocate an ergonomic and comfortable working habit. We strongly recommend using a standing desk, and sit and stand shift every few hours, this helps to relieve our physical fatigue and improve our productivity and focus.

    Q: What can I do with malfunction of the hand controller?

    A: Please kindly check the connection first, disorganized power cords and cables may pull out the connection while your desk up and down. Second, you may press the “▼” button to the lowest height and hold for 5 seconds; or press the "3" and "M" button together and hold for 5 seconds, the system will reboot and back to normal. If you have more questions please check out our hand controller specification or contact us for further solutions, thanks.

    Q: What about the warranty?

    A: All SOLOS standing desks comes with a 5-year warranty, including the motors, control boxes, hand controllers, and legs. For any malfunction or quality issues, please contact us for exchange and solution, thanks.

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