Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: Why does my standing desk go up when I press the [down] button, and vice versa?

Q: Why does my desk top come with incompatible prefabricated holes with my standing desk legs. How should I match the screw location for assembly?

Q: There is a cable management tray on the bottom of the horizontal supporting beam, I could not find the match screw holes for assembly.

Q:What if I use a Non-Solos desk top with Solos Standing Desk Legs, what would be the compatible dimensions of the desk tops?

About SOLOS Desk

Q: Which desk should I choose from?

Q: How can I adjust from sitting to standing?

Q: Can I use my own desk top instead of yours?

Q: What's the difference between the basic desk and premium desk?

Q: Premium Desk vs. V2 Premium Desk, can you tell the differences?

Q: Is it optional to install the casters?

Q: Do you have any local stores where I can test your products?

Q: Can I install a keyboard tray and other space-saving accessories to my standing desk?

Q: How many monitors will your desk hold?

Q: What size of monitors can be used with your monitor arms?

Q: What desks work well for taller users?

Q: How can I assemble a desk?

Q: Why my standing desk goes up when I press the [down] button, and vice versa?

Warranty & Return

Q:Is there a warranty for SOLOS products

Q: What is the return policy for your desks?


Q: How long will it take for my order to ship?

Q: Where do your desks ship from?

Q: Do you offer expedited shipping?

Q: How much is shipping?


Q: Do you accept PO’s?

Q: What are your payment methods?