If there’s one thing that 2020 taught us, it’s the fact that we all could use a little escapism from time to time, and for many, that escapism came in the form of gaming.

The gaming industry is one of the most lucrative in the world today and is soon believed to be valued at an astonishing $180 Billion sometime in 2021. When we think of gaming, there are generally three camps. You have Sony PlayStation fans, you have Microsoft Xbox fans, and you have PC fans.

PC gaming is worth big bucks and if you create the right PC setup for your gaming, the hours of fun you can enjoy online with your buddies will be endless.

Building a gaming PC setup however, is far from simple and it requires a great deal of research, motivation, knowledge, skill, and finances as well. With that said, though, if you do decide that a PC gaming computer setup is for you, there are some amazing setups you can create.

Here’s a look at a few tips on creating your very own gaming PC setup.

Go with the right PC

If you are serious about making a PC setup specifically for gaming, you are of course going to have to ensure that you have gone with the right PC.

PCs vary greatly in terms of price, design, functions, and features yet if you do have the budget, this is where it will pay dividends to invest in the best device that money can buy.

Needless to say, top spec PCs are going to provide you with the best graphics and gaming experiences, yet the downside is the cost. There are mid-range PCs that will work more than adequately, though we don’t recommend going for a budget PC.

If you try to cut corners and save money by purchasing a cheap and inferior PC, your PC setup is going to be anything but impressive, and ultimately it will likely result in a sub-par gaming experience, and which gamer wants that?

What is a standing desk?

Get the right chair

Let’s face it, when you play games on your PC, you’re likely going to be playing for a considerable amount of time, which means that comfort is paramount.

If you want to create the ultimate gaming computer setup, you need to invest in a good chair.

If you don’t have a comfortable and supportive chair, you will likely experience back pain and other posture-related issues which will cause pain and discomfort and take away from your gaming experience.

The last thing you want when you’re playing a team deathmatch is to have to leave your buddies hanging because you need to get out of your chair and stretch your back out because it’s locked up, yet with a poor quality chair, that could very well happen.

For the best gaming PC setup that you can build, always go with a comfortable and adjustable chair.

 adjustable standing desk

Find the perfect desk

Okay, next up is a biggie because we’re talking about choosing the right desk for your PC gaming setup.

The desk that your monitor, keyboard, mouse, and various other accessories are stored upon is the hub of your gaming experience. If your desk sucks, your PC setup will suck, and you don’t want that.

More and more PC gamers are now investing in adjustable standing desks such as the Advanced Standing Desk from SOLOS. In a brilliant white, this sleek and stylish desk isn’t just practical, it also looks great too.

Standing desks for gaming are great because you can switch between sitting and standing so as to avoid back issues and posture issues, and to become a little more flexible and active as well.

When choosing a desk such as an adjustable standing desk, be sure to factor in the overall size of the desk, its weight capacity, its design, and of course, the price as well.

 adjustable standing desk

Pick up a good quality gaming controller

Although PC games can be played using a mouse and keyboard, many hardcore PC gamers will include a top quality gaming controller for their gaming computer setup.

A lot of gamers prefer to use a games controller for gaming on a PC, and if you want more of an authentic gaming experience like you would get with a games console, a controller is the best way of achieving that.

An adjustable standing desk such as the Glass Standing Desk from SOLOS, is designed to be used while standing and sitting and can be adjusted with the push of a button.

There are even certain controllers for games consoles that are compatible with PC gaming setups.

electric standing desk

Grab yourself a gaming headset

If you live alone and don’t have neighbours nearby, feel free to crank up the volume on your PC and to game away well into the night as loud as you wish. If however, you need to be mindful of others, a gaming headset is ideal.

Pick up a good quality headset for your PC gaming setup and you can enjoy top quality sound, without worrying about other people being disturbed.

You’ll likely also wish to pick up a headset with a microphone so you can communicate with other people online.

What is a standing desk?

Set the mood with the right lighting

Now we can think about adding the finishing touches to your PC setup to really help bring the entire gaming experience to life.

When you are gaming in the evening when it’s dark, the last thing you want is for you to struggle to make out what’s happening on the monitor because of the glare from your ugly bedside lamp or desk lamp. When you game, you want to set the atmosphere, yet still be able to see what you’re doing, which is where finding the right lighting proves to be so important.

Many gamers invest in smart bulbs and smart lighting. Smart lighting is great because you can change the colour of the light, you can adjust the brightness, you can harmonize it with the rhythm and the beats of the game, and more besides.

If for example, you’re playing a survival horror set in a haunted mansion, you can dim the lights or go with more sinister and creepy colours like reds and blues to really set the scene.

electric standing desk