Remember how, not too long ago, when it came to gaming people focussed solely on consoles and PCs were considered an afterthought, with gaming PCs being targeted as part of a very niche market? If so, you’ll probably have noticed how things are very different in 2022.

Nowadays, gaming PCs are all the rage and when you see some of the gaming PCs and gaming setups that people have created for themselves, you can’t help but be impressed.

Gaming brings people happiness and excitement, it offers them an escape from the stresses, trials, and tribulations of everyday life, and it helps people to socialize and meet new people online as well.

Because there is such a huge market for gaming nowadays, people are spending big bucks when building themselves custom gaming setups to use at home, and you can too.

From a custom gaming desk to an ergonomic gaming chair and everything in between, here’s a look at how to build the ultimate gaming setup at home.


Get your room in order


First and foremost, when the time comes for you to build your gaming setup, you need to ensure that you get your room in order to ensure everything is organized. 

Whether you’re sticking a black gaming desk into the corner of your room, or if you’re transforming your bedroom or basement into a gaming room, getting everything neat, tidy, and organized is essential.

Take measurements to ensure that your custom gaming desk, chair, and PC tower and monitor/monitors are going to fit comfortably where you want them to fit. Throw out any clutter that will be getting in the way and leave plenty of open space to stretch your legs and take part in various other gaming activities etc.


Choose the right desk


Up next, arguably the most important consideration when building a gaming setup is the custom gaming desk that you choose to purchase.

A gaming desk such as the SOLOS Gaming Standing Desk is very beneficial because standing desks are comfortable, ergonomic, and more beneficial for your health. 

The SOLOS black gaming desk for example, has been specifically designed for many hours of gaming. The desk’s height ranges from 29” up to 49.2” and it even features a sophisticated anti-collision function for added safety.

The carbon fibre textured black PVC gaming desktop is stain resistant, water resistant, and is incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

Standing desks are great for gamers because they help them to avoid posture-related issues and back issues which would ordinarily cause a great deal of pain and discomfort.

When choosing a custom gaming desk, this is something you do not want to compromise on so find a reliable manufacturer such as SOLOS, and go from there.


Don’t forget to accessorize


Obviously, you have your most important gaming essentials when building a gaming setup, I.E your computer, chair, desk, and so on, but don’t underestimate the importance of accessorizing.

When you design and create a gaming setup, make sure you set the scene and accessorize.

A lot of gamers will put posters up of their favourite games and/or characters, along with dolls, figurines, and collectibles to make the room look like a gaming room, rather than a room with a black gaming desk thrown in for good measure. 

Paint your walls how you want to paint them, put up posters and/or quotes, purchase any dolls, action figures, figurines, or collectibles, and use these things to help bring your gaming setup to life.


Purchase a comfortable ergonomic chair


We’ve looked at the importance of a custom gaming desk, but now it’s time for us to look at the importance of an ergonomic gaming chair.

Gaming is not something you do when you have a spare couple of minutes, it can take several hours and consequently you want to be comfortable and well supported when you’re sitting down.

Ideally for health reasons you should purchase a standing gaming desk, but as these desks are designed to alternate between standing and sitting, for times when you are sitting you need to make sure you’ve purchased the right chair.

Again, companies such as SOLOS are ideal here, as they have a reputation for making quality products that last. The SOLOS Premium Ergonomic Chair for example, is incredibly comfortable, it offers lumbar support, it helps keep you cool in the summer, and it is easily adjusted and will work very well when used alongside a custom gaming desk.


Dual monitors or single?


When people build gaming setups at home, more and more people are now going for dual monitors as opposed to just a single.

Dual monitors do of course offer plenty of benefits, and can of course enhance the overall gaming experience noticeably, but the biggest issue with dual monitors is the lack of space.

Having two monitors is obviously going to take up more room than just one, so if you are going with a custom gaming setup it’s down to you to decide whether there is room for more than one monitor.

Again, this is where it pays to invest in a quality custom gaming desk because that way you can decide which size to get and can obviously choose a bigger desktop size if you are considering going with more than one monitor.


Choose the best PC you can


Finally, perhaps saving the most important consideration until last, we have the actual PC itself.

Gaming PCs are now incredibly powerful and sophisticated, and if you invest in a top-quality model, you’ll be blown away by the graphics and the performance.

While you can purchase gaming PCs which are already set up and ready to use, you can also build your own gaming PC if you’re capable and know what you’re doing.