They say that a tidy office equals a tidy mind, and in a working environment, clear thinking is incredibly important.

Because so many of us now spend so much time in our offices, regardless of what we do for a living, the need for functional, efficient, ergonomic and aesthetic office furniture has never been greater.

When people think of office furniture, generally the first item that instantly springs to mind is a desk, and for good reason. A desk is where the vast majority of our work gets done. It’s where we sit or stand for hours at a time, it’s where we organize our paperwork and logistics, and it’s where we keep our office essentials.

As important as desks are, knowing the right material to choose for your desk is much easier said than done because there is so much choice. Lately, we’ve been seeing an increase in the amount of people choosing a tempered glass office desk, which is what we’re focussing on today.

Glass office desk products are in high demand, but what’s the appeal of glass? Well, that’s what we aim to find out today. Here’s a look at several key benefits of choosing a tempered glass office desk.




One of the main reasons why we’ve seen so many offices and office workers invest in glass office desk products is due to the fact that they’re now so versatile.

Standing desks are providing to be more popular and a lot healthier than sitting desks, and with so many great products to choose from, customers are now spoilt for choice.

The SOLOS Tempered Glass Standing Desk for example, is packed full of useful features designed to make life for the office worker so much easier. Ideal for in-office use and in the home, this tempered glass standing desk offers one touch operation, safety features including an anti-collision system, four memory height pre-sets, three conveniently located charging ports, and much more besides.

With companies such as SOLOS offering such versatile and efficient standing desks, glass is most certainly the “IN” material at the moment.


Brighten up the office space


Numerous psychological studies have found that, in terms of morale and efficiency at work, office workers tend to perform more efficiently when they work in bright and spacious environments. This is another reason why a tempered glass office desk is so useful.

Glass, as you know, is transparent and helps to reflect light and add brightness to a room. Having a glass-topped desk will therefore help to brighten up an office space and make the surrounding area look more spacious and airy. 

If your office space could use some brightening up as it’s looking a bit dark and gloomy, why not pick up a tempered glass office desk such as the SOLOS Glass Standing Desk we looked at previously, and let it brighten up the place.


Easy to clean and maintain


Another reason why so many businesses, corporations, and office workers in general, are investing in glass standing desk products is because they’re so easy to clean and maintain.

If there’s anything we’ve learnt over the last two years, it’s the fact that cleanliness and hygiene at work is vitally important. Keeping a desk and office space clean and tidy is important for morale and for efficiency, which is why glass-topped desks are so useful.

If you work on a wooden desk, all it takes is a spilled cup of coffee or a misplaced coffee coaster to leave your desk stained and effectively ruined. If you have a glass desktop, though, this isn’t an issue. Spill something on a glass desktop and you simply wipe it up with a damp cloth and that’s it.

Glass is easy to wipe down and keep clean, and while it may show up dust in direct sunlight, actually dusting the glass takes a few seconds and the end results look fabulous.




Not only are glass topped office desks versatile, they’re also very durable as well.

With top quality manufacturers such as SOLOS making their desks to the very highest of standards, you know that these desks are built to last.

As your desktop is made from tempered glass, you needn’t worry about it getting stained, nor should you worry about it getting scratched like it would with other material.

The glass is very durable and hard wearing so you needn’t worry about it chipping, scratching, or breaking as it acts as a buffer to help ensure that your desk remains in the best condition possible.

Glass is also a very long-lasting material and subsequently a glass desktop will last much longer than a cheaper and inferior desktop.


Professional appearance


Not only is a glass office desk a very versatile, durable, and efficient piece of office furniture, it is also a very aesthetic piece of office furniture that will look great in any office setup.

A tempered glass office desk has a sleek, modern, contemporary look that is professional, bright, and airy. It helps to make the office it is being used in to look sleek, modern, and stylish which reflects well on you and the business in general.




Finally, the last reason why so many businesses and workers in general have invested in glass desktops is due to the fact that they’re so cost effective.

While wooden desks can look great, good quality wood such as oak and walnut do not come cheap and cost a fortune. Cheaper woods are cheap for a reason and generally they don’t tend to look great, plus they’re also often flimsy and delicate.

Glass desktops however, look modern and stylish, last a long time, are easy to maintain, and are also very affordable and cost effective. If you are looking to kit out your office and want it to look great without spending a fortune, glass desktops are the way to go.