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SOLOS provides CARB (California Air & Resources Board) standard compliant tabletop products, to fulfill our responsibility to the environment, no toxic chemicals nor harmful emissions for humans. We are dedicated to provide a variety of tabletop choices for our customers, ranging from materials, colors and dimensions. Click here to build your own favorite standing desk now.

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SOLOS Standing Desk Board Diagram
Standing Desks and Desk Related Accessories

Various of Desk Accessories

We offer smart office solutions to help businesses grow faster. As we work full-time to invest in product development and technology enhancement, we engineer innovative products at the most affordable price. It’s now easier than ever for you and your team to access high-quality adjustable standing desks, ergonomic office chairs and more.

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55-Inch and 75-Inch DTEN D7 Whiteboard

Zoom Rooms

SOLOS closely works with DTEN and Zoom, to better support and help our customers on the video meeting and remote collaborations. We are proud to offer DTEN full series products and SOLOS designed creative audio video accessories, including HD displays, Zoom Rooms schedulers and 4K cameras. And this is what we believed in people-oriented technology.

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55-Inch and 75-Inch DTEN D7 Whiteboard

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"We very like the standing desk provided by SOLOS it is great and ergonomic for entire our office now."

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Ergonomic Life with SOLOS

SOLOS provides full series of standing desk products, which comes with electrical height adjustment for sit-stand change, easy assembly, and an official 5 year warranty. Along with plenty of workplace furniture, we build solutions for a better and healthier working lifestyle. Besides, your hassle-free shopping experience will be ensured with our real-time customer care, strict quality control and fast delivery service.

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Stay Safe with SOLOS

SOLOS understands how COVID-19 has affected your daily life and we are here to help. With the awesome standing desk products, working from home has never been easier and more comfortable. Remember to stay safe and take care of yourself and your families.