If you work at a desk, it doesn’t matter what line of work you happen to be involved in, it’s important to ensure that you’re comfortable and that your back is supported.

Right now, more people are suffering from posture-related health issues than ever before, and that only looks set to continue for the foreseeable future until things change. Standing desks are now commonplace in offices across the globe, and ergonomic chair sales are also up exponentially, which brings us to today’s topic.

With office chairs for programmer jobs coming in a variety of designs and specs, finding the right ergonomic chair isn’t necessarily as easy as ordering online.

Office chairs come in a number of shapes, sizes, specs, and designs and if you’re on the hunt for a professional ergonomic chair suitable for your programming job requiring you to spend hours sitting at your desk behind a computer, you’re going to need to find the perfect chair.

Here is a complete 2021 buyer’s guide for finding an office chair for programmer jobs.

Types of chair

First and foremost, when you decide that you need to invest in a new office chair, the first thing you need to consider is what type of chair you require.

Having the right fit, the right design, and the right features are essential for a comfortable and also supportive chair.

Fixed chairs

Fixed chairs are, as the name implies, chairs that are fixed firmly in place so do not move or adjust. If you’re looking for an ergonomic chair, fixed chairs are not for you because they don’t adjust and aren’t designed to offer ergonomic support.

If you only plan on using a chair for an hour or 2 at a time, perhaps as a dining chair, then fixed chairs are ideal.

fixed chairs

Swivel chairs

As the name implies, swivel chairs are office chairs that are attached to a base that allows them to swivel.

These are designed for office use but if you’re looking for an office chair for programmer jobs that offers ergonomic support, again, this is not ideal.

Office swivel chairs offer minimal features in terms of comfort and back support and really are designed to be used no more than 3 – 4 hours per day at the absolute most. Any longer and you run the risk of back and posture issues.

swivel chairs

Ergonomic chairs

Finally, for those of you looking for chairs that offer plenty in terms of ergonomic comfort and support, we have ergonomic chairs.

Ergonomic chairs such as the SOLOS Mesh Premium Ergonomic Chair are designed to help people dealing with back issues and posture issues. Because of the design, the chair supports the back and spine and shapes itself around the various contours on your body.

The SOLOS Mesh Premium Ergonomic Chair, for example, offers superior lumbar support along with 9 different adjustable heights. Add to this, the unique mesh design which promotes airflow and circulation to keep the user cool in hot temperatures, it’s easy to see why ergonomic chairs are proving to be such a hit in offices and workplaces.

SOLOS Mesh Premium Ergonomic Chair


When choosing an office chair for programmer jobs, another consideration is the features. Yes, believe it or not, but office chairs have a surprising amount of features, including, but not limited to, the following:

Seat height

The first consideration when it comes to features is seat height.

As far as ergonomic support goes, you want a chair that allows your feet to rest firmly on the floor flat, with your thighs nice and loose and not restricted.

Of course, different people are different heights so look for a chair that offers an adjustable seat height.

seat height


Armrests are also important when choosing an ergonomic chair for office use.

Armrests are designed to support the weight of both your arms while helping to keep your neck and spine aligned and supported.

Ideally, you want a chair with adjustable armrests that allows you to alter the width between the armrests and your body.



Certainly not a deal-breaker, but in terms of comfort and practicality, a swivel chair is useful for reaching various items on your desk quickly.

Swivel chair

Lumbar support

Now, as we’re looking at an ergonomic office chair for programmer jobs, lumbar support is a feature you should NOT skip.

You want a chair that helps to support your middle and lower back while helping to keep your neck and shoulders supported in the process.

Look for a chair that enables you to maintain your spine’s natural ‘S’ shape while allowing your arms and your shoulders to move freely without restriction.

If you suffer from back issues such as lower back pain, lumbar support is vital.

Lumbar support chair


Finally, when choosing an ergonomic chair, you will want a chair in a suitable material.

If you find yourself getting hot a lot, the mesh is very useful material. If you want a stylish and modern look, leather is perfect.

Ideally, you want a chair with a comfortable seat and backrest that offers a pad, cushioning, and support. The SOLOS Ergonomic Chair is one of the best choices.

mesh chair