It’s official, working from home is the new normal. Okay, perhaps that was the case in 2020, but even though offices and businesses are gradually opening back up and returning to “normality” there are still more people than ever before working remotely and working from home.

Regardless of what you do for a living and whether you’re employed or self-employed, chances are you’ll have to work from home at some point, even when we finally find ourselves no longer in the midst of a pandemic. If you do work from home, it’s important to set up a functional workspace at home, which is where it pays to build an aesthetic and functional home office.

When creating a home office, furniture is of course essential, so look for products such as a standing desk, ergonomic office chair, desk tidies, cable tidies, and so on.

To help you build the home office you’ve always dreamed of, here’s a look at some handy tips on how to create a full-time workspace at home.

Invest in a standing desk

First and foremost, a desk is arguably the most important piece of furniture in an office, and a standing desk is the pinnacle of home office furniture.

Standing desks are not only practical, but they’re also comfortable and can help to improve productivity and quality of life in the process. A standing desk is a desk that features a motor, or motors, that adjusts electronically so you can switch between standing and sitting. The idea behind standing while working is that you avoid back issues and bad posture.

When choosing a standing desk, find one that suits your décor and requirements. The SOLOS Glass Standing Desk features a tempered glass desktop that looks stunning, along with three charging ports, one-touch operation, an anti-collision system, four memory height pre-sets, and a child protection lock, making it perfect for use at home.

wood standing desk

Look for inspiration online

When creating a home office space, don’t just buy your office furniture and throw it in any old room, any which way. Instead, take pride in your workspace and create an eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing office that looks the part and inspires you to work hard.

Now, we understand that not everybody out there is an interior designer and if you, by your own admission, have no sense of style, just look online for inspiration. Sites such as Pinterest are great for inspiration as you can find interior design décor and layout ideas from a number of places.

Whether you’re looking for a modern home office, a contemporary look, industrial chic, rustic, country cottage, art deco, or anything else, look online for inspiration and you’ll have your dream office in no time at all.

Make sure you prioritize comfort

Don’t get us wrong, we want you to have an office that looks great and stylish, but if you invest in furniture which looks good, but feels about as comfortable as sleeping on a slab of concrete studded with cactus needles, soon the aesthetic appeal will wear off.

A standing desk is a prime example of comfort, with the added benefit of also looking the part, but on top of that, consider an ergonomic office chair or two as well. Again, companies such as SOLOS are ideal as they offer products like the SOLOS Fashion Ergonomic Chair, which not only looks the part, it also promotes comfort as well.

Suitable for most body types, this chair has integrated neck and lumbar support, easy assembly, a modern and sleek yet elegant design, and much more besides. An office chair of this type is ideal because it offers comfort and support when you are sitting rather than standing, while also looking great in the process.

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Go with colors you like

Remember, the great thing about creating a workspace at home is the fact that, as it’s yours, you can create your office the way you want to create it.

Normally, offices have neutral colors on the wall such as white, cream, and magnolia, and while these look great with accessories, they’re hardly bold and vibrant. If you want a brighter and bolder office, you go right ahead and decorate your office the way you want it to look.

Find a color scheme you like, and decorate your office how you want it to look. Be sure to accessorize and while it’s your office, in terms of productivity and practicality, lighter colors with plenty of natural light are probably the way to go here.

Get your lighting right

On the subject of lighting, assuming you’ve painted, have purchased a standing desk and ergonomic office chair, and have your office looking how you want it to look, the next thing you need to do is focus on lighting.

If you’re on video conference calls, other people need to be able to see you clearly so make sure you flood the room with as much natural light as possible. For working in the dark, or in the winter with poor visibility, LED lights can also be useful, so get the room looking as bright as you can.