On average, we spend 40 hours per week working, and as many of us work in offices at desks and computers, that results in a lot of hours spent sitting down throughout the week.

When working, we must be comfortable, not only for our comfort but also for our products as well. This is where it pays dividends to invest in a good quality ergonomic chair. Having a comfortable and supportive office chair can make one heck of a difference, yet our chairs are an afterthought for many of us.

If your office chair is uncomfortable and not supportive, your back, neck, and posture will not thank you for it years, even months down the line. Not only that, but if you’re uncomfortable, your productivity levels will suffer, so you won’t be as efficient in the workplace.

To highlight just how important a good quality ergonomic chair can be, here’s a look at the importance of a good office chair for productivity and health.

First off, what is an ergonomic office chair?

Before we can talk about how awesome an office chair with ergonomic features is, first off we’ll look at what they are.

An ergonomic chair is designed primarily for office use, or prolonged use at the very least. As they’re ergonomic, they’re designed to shape and conform themselves to the various contours of the back and spine to provide comfort and support and prevent slouching and poor posture.

Chairs such as the SOLOS Premium Ergonomic Chair, for example, offer as many as 9 adjustments complete with lumbar support to help promote good posture and prevent curvature of the spine.

Typically they’re made from a comfortable and durable mesh material that helps the skin to breathe and air to circulate to help keep cool in the summer or a warm environment.

SOLOS ergonomic office chair

So, why are ergonomic office chairs so important?

Right, we’ve covered the basics regarding what these chairs are, so now let’s look at what it is about these office chairs that makes them so beneficial for health and motivation while working.

Better posture

One of the main reasons why these office chair products are so beneficial is because they promote better posture.

A lot of people when working while sitting at a desk tend to slouch and hunch their shoulders forwards. Over time, this can lead to curvature of the spine and bad posture, which comes with its own set of health risks.

An ergonomic office chair, however, is designed to help support the spine and back and prevent poor posture while working.

ergonomic office chair

Pain relief

Believe it or not, but people experiencing various aches and pains on a near-daily basis could have their old office chairs to thank for it.

Sitting in a chair that does not provide comfort and support can lead to poor posture, backache, neck ache, leg pain, sciatica, headaches, stiff shoulders, and much more on top of that.

If you’re used to dealing with these types of pain on a daily basis, try switching to a great quality ergonomic chair such as the SOLOS Classic Ergonomic Chair and we’re confident that you will quickly begin to notice a distinct improvement when it comes to your daily aches and pains.

 SOLOS Classic Ergonomic Chair

Better productivity

Let’s face it, at work, we all have days where we can’t get motivated, we keep getting distracted, and we just cannot find the mental energy to do what needs to be done.

With an office chair that offers ergonomic support, however, this will likely not be an issue as it can increase productivity noticeably.

Because these chairs are so comfortable, they help to keep pain and discomfort at bay. Not only that, but as they’re so comfortable you’ll feel happier and will be able to focus more efficiently, which means your productivity levels will improve.

 SOLOS Premium Ergonomic Chair

They look great

Okay, this may sound like quite a shallow benefit, but in the world of business, perception is reality.

Most modern ergonomic office chairs offer sleek, contemporary, stylish, and modern designs that enhance the look and feel of any office or home office. This in turn can again help to boost your business.

Put it this way, if you walked into an office with paint flaking off the walls, dust on the furniture, dirt on the floor, and chairs falling apart and clearly in need of being replaced, would this fill you with as much confidence as a business with a clean office with nice décor and stylish looking chairs?

SOLOS offers a Fashion Ergonomic Chair that offers an elegant and modern design to fit most body types. This chair is not only supportive, but it also looks at the business and can therefore help transform any office or workspace.

Fashion Ergonomic Chair


Finally, the last benefit of an office chair with ergonomic features that we’re going to look at today, is simply the fact that they’re so affordable.

Yes, it will depend on which company you buy from and which chair you opt for, but as ergonomic chairs do not tend to feature electrical components or sophisticated designs, costs can be kept low so you can pick up an awesome product for a very reasonable price.

SOLOS, for example, offers ergonomic chairs ranging from less than $200 to less than $400, making them a great value-for-money company, especially considering the reputation.

SOLOS Office Chairs