If you suffer with back pain, then rest assured that you’re most certainly not alone. Back pain is one of the most common ailments in the developed world

What are standing desks?

What are the back-related benefits of standing desks?

Reduced back pain

First and foremost, standing desks are indeed fantastic for people suffering with back pain. There have been many studies carried out into the effectiveness of standing desks for back pain. One study found that standing desks provided as much as a 50% reduction in back pain compared with seated desks. When you’re standing upright, your lower back isn’t forced to bare the brunt of your weight in the same way as it is when sitting. Over time, this can gradually help to reduce back pain and discomfort.

Better posture

Poor posture is another leading cause of back pain. When people find themselves leading sedentary lifestyles and sitting at desks for prolonged amounts of time, because they’re often hunched over and slouching, this can lead to poor posture. Poor posture can cause misalignment of the spine, which in turn can cause back pain. Standing desks help to realign the spine and they promote good posture, so your back benefits greatly.

Promotes weight loss

Okay, standing up compared with sitting won’t result in a massive difference in the amount of calories that you burn, but when standing upright, you will still burn a few more calories than sitting. Standing at a desk also means you’re more likely to become active, so again, a few more calories can be burnt off. It’s not a huge amount, but every little helps.