In 2020, half of the world has made a shift from offices to home. From technical arrangements to non-technical arrangements, every employee and boss had to make changes to make a workplace where they are not interrupted by other family members. They had to make arrangements such as getting a table to put their laptops on or a comfortable chair to sit on while working the entire day.

To promote healthier overall wellbeing, electric standing desk units have become popular in home offices and public offices. A motorized standing desk will allow you to stand up while you work in a way that is as comfortable and as intuitive as sitting down while reducing the health risks that being sedentary can cause. Standing desks are versatile and oftentimes adjustable, so you can set them to the proper height for you, which may also help improve your posture.

As many know, people gain weight by ingesting more calories than they burn on any given day. Burning off more calories than you consume, however, puts you in a caloric deficit that may help you lose weight. Because of the calories being burned just by standing and being on your feet, it is thought that having a stand-up desk for home or office environments may assist those on a low-calorie diet in losing weight. It has been shown that using an electric standing desk as opposed to a traditional seated desk can give workers an additional 170 calories burned. That amounts to nearly 1000 extra calories burned every week just by standing to work during the afternoon instead of sitting.

This difference in calories burned is one of the main reasons sitting more than you stand can be attributed to weight gain. Using this logic, incorporating a stand-up desk for home or office environments may help you lose weight more quickly by adding up all of those additional calories and detracting them from your overall amount of calories in and calories out throughout the day.

Stand up desks are easy to incorporate into most environments, including home offices and commercial offices, and they are well suited for people of most heights. With a motorized standing desk, you can easily move it up to the proper height to keep you as comfortable as you would be sitting down while providing the benefits of being on your feet.

Overall, the belief that standing desks can help you lose weight is an accurate claim. Because of how it helps you burn more calories than you would be sitting down all day, it may make a big difference to those already on a lower calorie diet and should therefore be considered, if not for weight loss, then for its overall health benefits.