What Is a Standing Desk?

Health Benefits of a Standing Desk

Health Benefits of a Standing Desk

These sit-stand desks allow you to work at your “desk job” while standing rather than sitting in a chair. Standing, rather than sitting has more benefits on your health, especially reduces the risk of shoulder and back pain. Other potential health benefits of a standing desk are assumed to be based on the findings that long hours of sitting are linked with higher risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, premature death, etc. The other core advantages of standing are, it burns more calories compared to sitting and reduces strain on the lower back from prolonged sitting which many people face in common. It increases muscle activity compared to sitting and combats a sedentary lifestyle to a healthier one when compared to sitting.

Standings Desks All Around

In the modern era it is more and more common to see offices equipped with standing desks. Even many people who work from home started investing in a standing desk in order to improve the overall ergonomics of their work hours. The reality is working for 8 or more hours of your day, from Monday to Friday, spent behind a desk, it is worth looking for ways to make that experience smoother and easier on your body. The research of overly sedentary lifestyles have shown it is linked to long-term health issues and many other musculoskeletal problems too, which often caused by poor posture and no physical activity. The usage of a standing desk encourages people to be in regular movements and to spend less time sitting and more time in standing. Using a sit-stand desk “gives an opportunity to increase energy expenditure throughout the working day,” according to a journal published in 2018.

People who work often from their laptop could find something as simple as a laptop stand which is useful in their day-to-day life, but someone who is looking to make an ergonomic transformation should check out why we think standing desks are the way to go with perfect solutions. People nowadays realize how far a standing desk can help fix their sore back and neck but amongst them some may not realize other more important benefits of sit-stand desks, so let’s check them out:

Standing Lowers Risk of Weight Gain and Obesity

Weight gain, a common criteria found in all of the human beings. It is ultimately caused by intaking more calories than you burn. Alternatively, burning more calories than you intake results in weight loss. While exercise is the only effective way to burn calories quickly, simply choosing to stand instead of sitting for hours can create magic. In fact, when compared to sedentary work at afternoon, an equal amount of time spent standing after heavy meals has shown to burn over 170 additional calories than sitting.

Standing Improves Your Mood and Energy Levels

People who use standing desks reported less stress and fatigue than the ones that sit at their desks all day. Standing up at work is well-tried to extend your energy levels, that makes for a far happier day at the workplace. Active workstations square measure nice for your mind, body, and productivity.

Standing Reduces Risk of Chronic Disease

When thinking of a good health, cholesterol and heart rates will be two of the main things that we look after the most. According to a study published by the European Heart Journal, spending less time sitting and more time on your feet can lower blood sugar and cholesterol, which in turn reduces your risk for long-term heart disease. Spending as little as a few hours per day away from your office chair will do a whole world of good. In fact, this is becoming a trend and the preferred method; rather than stand all day with a standing desk, it’s better to use a height adjustable stand desk to mix things up between sitting and standing between your work.

Standing Reduces Risk of Chronic Disease

Standing Increases Productivity

Being physically active has the added benefit to make you more mentally active. A study proves and even it goes as far as to claim that by making use of a standing desk a person will be more productive. It not only allows you to feel better physically, but also you will be more efficient in doing your work. People with height-adjustable desks showed a report of increased productivity after one constant year and also reported better concentration ability. In addition to this, these people also said they were more active, refreshed, awake, limber and energetic throughout their work.

Standing Improves Wellbeing in the Workplace

The health of any organization relies on the welfare of its most vital quality – its staff. The standing desk study proves that adjustable workstations are an essential part of a workplace that considers  and connects the physical, cognitive and emotional wellbeing of its people. Giving people a smart option for movement throughout their day, provides them with comfort, choice and control over their workspace, improving wellbeing and engagement. Focusing on physical wellbeing of employees is one critical part of designing workplaces that help people move, think, feel better and achieve their work goals. And sit-stand desks play a vital role in the wellbeing of people.


The above explained benefits may not be the only ones you find as you try out this new ergonomic lifestyle. Improvements in physical, metabolic, and mental health can impact your life in all good ways you never thought possible. If you are considering changing to a standing desk, we recommend the SOLOS Sit Stand Desks. It is recommended that you ease into standing from sitting while working by short increments. The adjustability of the desktop, make the SOLOS Sit-Stand Desk a perfect transition into standing. This will give your body time to adjust to the new position and allow you to start relishing the benefits of standing right away.