With the festive season now well within sight, the time has come for us to turn our attention towards the holidays and to begin looking for exciting gift ideas for our nearest and dearest. 

Christmas may be a time for giving, but if you struggle to shop for people and don’t know what to buy, it can also be a stressful and difficult time of year. If you’re shopping for a gamer for example, knowing which gaming tools and gadgets to purchase can be really tricky, which is where we come into the mix. 

From a gaming standing desk to noise-cancelling headphones, and everything in between, here’s a look at 9 of the best Christmas ideas for gamers. 

Wireless Headphones

wireless headphones

Up first, we have wireless headphones. 

For a gamer, a good set of headphones is essential as not only do they improve the sound quality and the overall gaming experience, but you’ll also find that the headphones are beneficial for other people in the household. 

Headphones are useful for late-night gaming because they allow gamers to have the volume cranked right up, without having to worry about disturbing other people. 

Try to opt for rechargeable wireless headphones because they are much more practical and they create less clutter too. 

Adjustable Gaming Desk

adjustable gaming desk

Up next, we have one of the most important gifts that a gamer could ever wish to receive – an adjustable gaming desk. 

Numerous studies have found that sitting down for a prolonged duration of time can have many negative impacts on a person’s health, including: weight gain, bad posture, neck pain, backache, and spinal issues. 

A gaming standing desk, such as the SOLOS Gaming Standing Desk, is ideal as it is water and stain-resistant, it has an anti-collision feature, it has many adjustable height ranges, it features adjustable footpads, and much more besides. 

An adjustable gaming standing desk should provide plenty of space for your monitor, keyboard, headphones, control pads, joysticks, printer, and so on, and should be easy to clean and maintain. 

Ergonomic Desk Chair

ergonomic desk chair

While there are heaps of benefits associated with using a standing desk, you can’t stand up while gaming for hours on end, which is where an ergonomic desk chair proves to be so handy. 

For times when you’ve lowered your gaming desk to a sitting position, an ergonomic desk chair like the SOLOS Premium Ergonomic Chair is perfect as it will provide comfort and support, while also looking great. 

Look for a chair that provides ergonomic lumbar support for the back and spine and months down the line you’ll be so glad that you did. 

Soundbar System


Whereas wireless headphones are great for times when you need to keep your gaming quiet, what about times when you really want to ramp up the volume? Well, this is where the gamer in your life needs a soundbar system. 

A soundbar system is great because it helps to provide a fully immersive gaming experience that can really enhance the tension and set the atmosphere. 



Another very simple yet extremely thoughtful gift that you could treat the gamer in your life to, is a webcam. 

Webcams such as the Solos USB Webcam are ideal as they can allow gamers to communicate with their friends and other players, they can record footage, stream live, and much more besides. 

The SOLOS USB Webcam for example, provides 30fps in 1080p HD, along with 16:9 Widescreen for cinematic recording. On top of that, it comes complete with an in-built mic so gamers can communicate with their friends and other gamers and players on their team.

Complete with a universal attachment base, this webcam will work on laptops, desktops, notebooks and more besides. 

Gaming mouse

gaming mouse

One of the most important accessories that a gamer could ever wish for is a gaming mouse. 

A gaming mouse should be suitable for players left or right-handed, it should be ergonomic, compact, lightweight, responsive, and easy to use. Remember, the mouse needs to be as accurate as possible, especially when playing first person shooters where it’s important to aim.

A good quality gaming mouse will also likely feature LED lighting to provide a visually impressive lightshow and to also help enhance your overall gaming experience in the process. 

Gaming PC

gaming pc

Obviously this is the star of the show, and no adjustable gaming desk, ergonomic chair, gaming mouse, or anything else, would be complete without a gaming PC to be used in conjunction with. 

A gaming PC is the ultimate gamer Christmas present idea as they are designed, as the name implies, to be used primarily for gaming. 

Gaming PCs provide incredibly responsive speeds, the graphics are immaculate, they’re packed full of memory, and you can also customize them and accessorize them to add your own personal touch to them. 

There are plenty of gaming PCs out there which are available to purchase, or if you or somebody you know, knows what they’re doing, you could even build a gaming PC yourself from scratch. 

Capture card

capture card

With streaming social media sites such as Twitch now proving to be hugely popular, you may wish to become a Twitch streamer yourself, in which case you’ll need a capture card. 

Capture care makes the perfect Christmas present for a gamer as it is a device that enables the gamer to capture direct on-screen footage from the game they’re playing, before encoding it for playback on a Livestream. 

There are heaps of capture cards out there, and what’s especially great about them is the fact that you can just use them in a ‘plug and play’ capacity so there’s no installation required. Simply connect it up via an HDMI cable and you’re all set. 

USB hub

USB hub

Gamers are going to need access to a lot of USB ports and as gaming PCs and monitors only have so many of these ports, a USB hub may be the only suitable option. 

These hubs feature a selection of USB and USB-C ports, so you needn’t worry about charging your devices or plugging your devices in while gaming. 

The SOLOS USB-C Hub (With Cable) retails at just $39.00 so would make the ultimate gaming present or even a stocking filler.