As hard to believe as it may be, we’re now just a matter of weeks away from Christmas, which means that the holiday season will soon be upon us. 

Regardless of how you feel about the holidays, it’s certainly nice to be nice to other people we care about, and what better way to show people just how much we care than by lavishing them with thoughtful and practical gifts. 

When it comes to Christmas presents, sometimes it’s the practical gifts which are the most thoughtful, which is why we’re looking at office-based gifts today. Whether you’re shopping for a co-worker, a friend, or a loved one, office-based gifts can serve a multitude of purposes. 

From standing desk gifts to an ergonomic office chair and everything in between, here’s a look at several office-based Christmas present ideas for 2022 that are sure to impress. 

A key organizer

First off, we’ll begin with more of a stocking filler than an actual Christmas present, unless you’re looking for gift ideas for secret Santa perhaps?

Working in an office, you will almost certainly be required to possess keys in order to lock and unlock things. The more doors and items that require keys, the more keys an individual will have. 

A key organizer is ideal as it will take a large number of individual keys and condense them down into just one individual tool. Rather than having to sort through keychains and keyrings or bunches upon bunches of keys you can instead take the key organizer out and select the key that you need in a matter of seconds. 

Standing desk

glass standing desk

If you really want to spoil that special someone in your life and make their day at the office run that much smoother, then a standing desk is the ultimate Christmas gift. 

Standing desks such as the SOLOS Glass Standing Desk are great because they look stylish and they can easily be adjusted in height with the press of a button. 

If you really want to push the boat out however, you can opt for the SOLOS Premium L-Shaped Standing Desk, which has a 400lb lifting capacity, a built-in alarm, 3 memory heights, a premium anti-collision system, USB charging port and plenty more features besides. 

A standing desk is ideal for use in home offices and not only will it improve the décor of the office, it will also provide countless ergonomic benefits and avoid posture-related issues later on in life. 

Ergonomic office chair

As awesome as a standing desk is, it’s simply not feasible for most people to stand up for 8 – 9 hours per day while working, so an ergonomic office chair makes for an awesome alternative. 

Ergonomic office chair products are ideal because they’re designed to help prevent poor posture and damage to the body caused by poor posture, slouching, a lack of lumbar support, and much more besides. 

If you are on the hunt for an ergonomic office chair as a gift this year, head on over to SOLOS and check out the chairs that they have on offer. In particular, you may like the SOLOS Premium Ergonomic Chair, which features a mesh design to keep you cool, lumbar support for the back and spine, a 3-year warranty, 9 adjustments, and heaps more besides. 

Available for just $389.00 as of this writing, and available in black or white, this ergonomic office chair is ideal for comfort and for support. 

Stylish filing cabinet

If you work from home and want to keep your office and workplace looking clean, tidy, and stylish, then how about a stylish filing cabinet? 

SOLOS offer a combination lock filing cabinet offering a 4-digit combination unlocking feature, fully extendable drawers, castors for easy transportation, and a stylish and modern ultra-white design that would look at home in any contemporary office setting. 

Perfect for keeping important files and documents organized, as well as keeping them safe and secure thanks to the combination locking feature, this is the perfect gift for any worker looking to improve the aesthetics of their home office. 

Coffee hamper

coffee hamper

Let’s face it, for most people, the working day can’t officially begin until they’ve drank at least one delicious cup of coffee and gotten their early morning caffeine fix. Now, we use the term ‘delicious’ loosely here, as a lot of coffee available nowadays is freeze-dried and bland. 

If you work with a coffee enthusiast, how about treating them to a luxury coffee hamper which you can guarantee they’ll enjoy? 

These hampers vary depending on where you get them from, but typically you can expect a selection of fine coffees from around the world, coffee snacks, mugs, cups, ceramics, and various other gadgets, tools, and accessories that you might expect to enjoy with a delicious cup of coffee. 

Ergonomic standing mat

If you are treating somebody to a standing desk, or if you’re buying for somebody that already uses a standing desk, an ergonomic standing mat is one of the best gifts they could wish to receive. 

Ergonomic standing mats are designed to help relieve stress on the feet and the joints, while also easing fatigue and stiffness while standing at the desk and working. 

These mats are nothing special to look at, but they’re incredibly practical and functional and in all honesty they’re considered essential for anybody who happens to use a standing desk while working. 

Inspirational quote poster

Finally, whether you intend to give this gift ironically or not, in an office environment an inspirational quote poster will look right at home on the wall of any office. 

The quote you choose is entirely down to you, and for added effect why not opt for a framed poster to really enhance the décor?