In an ideal world, when designing an office, either at home or at your place of work, you’d have a vast and expansive area to work in, and space wouldn’t be an issue at all. Sadly, for most of us, this isn’t feasible and many of us have to make do with small and cramped offices and workspaces. 

Just because you have a small office space however, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make use of what little space you have and use it to maximum effect. With the right products, a little creativity, and a little organization, even the smallest and most cramped of workspaces can become much bigger. 

The more time you spend in the office, the more important it is to have a neat, tidy, organized, practical, and functional workspace which is where we enter into the equation. If you’re lacking space, here’s a look at 6 tips to make the most of your small office space. 

Go vertical with storage

filing cabinet

Let’s face it, even the most minimalistic of offices is going to require storage space, and lots of it. 

Whereas those with large offices can afford to invest in large filing cabinets, cupboards, and large horizontal shelving units, those with small offices need to be much more careful when it comes to storage. 

As far as storage goes, consider looking for vertical storage options that stretch high up to the ceiling, rather than stretching across the room. 

When buying a filing cabinet, instead of a short and wide cabinet, look for a tall and thin cabinet that stretches upwards instead. This gives you plenty of storage, yet it takes up far less room in your office. 

Go with a smaller standing desk

standing desk

Standing desks are hugely beneficial when it comes to our health and wellbeing, yet there are some standing desks that can take up a lot of space. 

When shopping for a small standing desk to save space, opt for small, yet reliable products such as the SOLOS Basic Standing Desk. 

This small standing desk comes with an electric motor, and it is height adjustable up to 49” with tabletop, without taking up too much room and getting in the way. 

With a stylish laminate wood desk finish, this small standing desk from SOLOS looks the part, serves a multitude of purposes, and doesn’t take up too much space in the process. 

Keep those cables tidy

cable manager

Regardless of how large or small your office space actually is, one of the worst culprits for taking up space and making the room look cluttered and untidy in the process, are cables. 

As we rely on technology for so many processes at work nowadays, you can’t really go fully wireless just yet, despite the breakthroughs in wireless technology. A very simple and effective way of keeping your cables tidy and organized however, is to purchase a cable manager. 

A cable manager such as the SOLOS Cable Manager, is a simple yet highly effective invention designed to sit under your desk and keep your cables and wires from your various gadgets and electronics, neat, tidy, and fully organized. 

Maintaining a neat, horizontal cable management system, the SOLOS Cable Manager is a sleek, discreet, and effective product designed to help eliminate clutter and leave your desk and workspace organized and free of unsightly cables which would also potentially serve as trip hazards. 

Make use of cloud storage

cloud storage

We’re currently living in an age where we’re more heavily reliant on technology than ever before, and when it comes to storage, that’s most certainly a good thing. 

Don’t get us wrong, in the office you’re still going to need to store physical sheets of paper and other paper documents and files, but if you make use of cloud storage instead, you can cut way back on the amount of paperwork that needs filing and storing. 

Storing files and documents in digital form on the cloud will not only help to eliminate paper waste, it will also save you space in terms of filing cabinets and shelves. 

Cloud-based storage options are incredibly affordable, they’re very easy to use, and in the long run they will no only save you space in the office, they will also save you money too, and who wouldn’t want that? 

Use a monitor stand

monitor stand

Another handy tip for anybody looking to increase the amount of space they have available in their office is to invest in a monitor stand. 

A monitor stand such as the SOLOS Premium Monitor Stand is ideal for space saving because not only does it lift your monitor/monitors up and off the surface of your desk, it also comes complete with a cable management system so you can keep your monitor cables and wires neat and organized. 

With a gas spring mechanism, users can easily adjust the height of their monitors and lock the mechanism at any angle providing 360 degree viewing angles. 

Compatible with all SOLOS standing desks, the SOLOS Premium Monitor Stand is extremely useful for anybody looking to save space in their cramped office. 

Use mirrors

Okay, a mirror won’t actually create more actual space in your office, but it will create the illusion of space which is almost as good as the real thing. 

On free wall space, be sure to include a decent-sized mirror to create the illusion of space and to help increase the amount of light inside by reflecting it back into the room. 

Mirrors are not only decorative and aesthetically pleasing, they’re also practical as well and will look great in your office, especially if you are lacking space.