Heavy Duty Adjustable Under Desk CPU Holder for Standing Desk
  • Load Capacity up to 15KG / 33lbs.
  • Easy Installation under SOLOS standing desk.
  • Adjustable for different size of CPU/Computer Host.
  • 3 Years warranty by SOLOS-IT.
SOLOS Anti-Fatigue Ergonomic Standing Mat

Securely Hold your CPU

SOLOS CPU Holder is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel, with strong durability and protection of your computer host. The load capacity is up to 15KG/33lbs, which could support almost all computer hosts in the market without shifting and wobbling. Instead of placing it on the tabletop or the ground, this would help you from pulling the cable accidentally while adjusting the height of the standing desk. And getting away from the dirt and kicking at the same time.

SOLOS Ergonomic Mat is Perfect For Use with the Standing Desk

Easy Installation

SOLOS CPU Holder comes with two parts, the top plate and the adjustable holder. Simply attach the top plate to the down side of your tabletop with four screws, and please make sure the location is comfortable with your leg space. Then adjust the holder to lock the CPU tightly, attach the holder with the top plate and make sure it is locked securely.

SOLOS Ergonomic Standing Mat Help Stand With Zero Stress

Space Saving With Standing Desk

SOLOS CPU Holder is compatible with all series SOLOS standing desks. It is designed to install and fix under the desk top, which saves space while you adjust the height of the standing desk. The holder features a 360° degrees swivel with easy cable and interface access. Besides, it helps you better to manage the cables and connection with SOLOS Cable Tie and SOLOS Cable Manager.

Key Specifications

Product weight 4.64kg/10.2lbs
Shipping Dimension 9.1''x 8.1''x 17.1''/230 x 205 x 435mm
Shipping Weight 5.2kg/11.5lbs
Warranty 3 Years



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