Premium L-shaped Standing Desk

L-shaped Standing Desk Comes with 3 Legs and a 40% Larger Surface Area Than SOLOS Premium Standing Desk, 3 Motors 3 Stages, 3 Height Memory Presets, Ergonomic Alarm, Anti-collision system, USB Port, 5-year Warranty, 30-day Free Returns, Free Shipping
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Standing Mat
Power Grommet
Power Grommet
  • 22.8 to 48.4 inches of height adjustable (23.8 to 49.4 inches with tabletop).
  • The L-shaped tabletop with 40% larger space 
  • Weight capacity up to 181kg/400lbs, with a premium anti-collision system.
  • Strong stability and high-speed adjustments with an SPCC steel frame and three turbo-motors.
  • 30-day trial, return & refund policy.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed and 5-year warranty.
L-shaped Desk has Three Turbo Motors With Single Touch Adjustment

Three Turbo Motors With Single Touch Adjustment

With the touch of a button, the SOLOS L-shaped standing desk glides effortlessly from sitting to standing height in just seconds. Easily achieve the perfect ergonomic position, sitting or standing, as the desk top moves at an amazing 1.5 inches per second. The best-in-class lifting speed is made possible by the triple turbo motors. (check our 2 motors standing desk)

L-shaped Desk's Smart Frame Controller has One USB Port

USB - Smart Controller

The SOLOS C Stand comes with a USB smart controller (controller instruction), which integrates with a side USB port (standing desk with usb ports) for convenient device charging, 1.5V 2A. It also comes equipped with all SOLOS signature control features, such as customizable setting for desired user heights. You can program up to 3 height presets for easy transitioning to the perfect height for your sitting and standing. The built in alarm allows you to add reminders every 1-99 minutes to change positions.

SOLOS L-Shaped Standing Desk is the Solution for a Modern Workspace

A Balanced Lifestyle

"Take a stand for the health of your team! The SOLOS L-shaped adjustable desk is the solution for the modern workspace. Designed for ideal ergonomic comfort, it allows the flexibility to sit and stand in seconds. A steady balance between sitting and standing throughout the day keeps the mind alert and can provide several long term health benefits. Get started with SOLOS adjustable desks today and feel the difference."

Excellent Stability And Extremely Sturdy of L-shaped Standing Desk

Excellent Stability And Extremely Sturdy

Pairing a sturdy steel frame with an L-shaped tabletop made from wood and SPCC steel frame finish, the standing desk is perfect for situating desktop PC or laptop while still maintaining enough room for the other office essentials. The two included grommets allow for convenient cord management and power source connections. The steel frame allows for a 330 lbs weight limit with excellent stability.

SOLOS Desk Stand Specifications

Basic Info
Height Range(Desktop Included): 27.2''-46.5''/690-1180mm
Load Capacity: 181kg/400lbs
Max Speed: 1.5"/s(38mm/s)
Horizontal Range: 43.3''-74.8''/1100-1900mm
Alarm Function : Yes
Anti-Collision System : Yes
Shipping Info
Shipping Dimension: Main Package: 31.5''x14.4''x7.7''/800x365x195mm
Auxiliary Package: 45.5''x7.3''x6.9''/1155x185x175mm
Shipping Weight: Main Package: 63.1lbs/28.6kg
Auxiliary Package: 57.5 lbs/26.1kg

SOLOS Premium L-shaped Standing Desk Assembly Manual

SOLOS Desk Top Specifications

L-shaped Desk Top: 63"x51"x27''

SOLOS Standing Desk L-shaped Desk Top
Desk TopL-shaped Desk Top
Color White
Package Size 65.9''x53.7''x2.8''/1675x1365x70mm
Package Weight 68.3lbs/31kg

SOLOS Premium L-shaped Desk Top Specification

SOLOS Desk Controller Specification

SOLOS V2 Standing Desk Controller

SOLOS Standing Desk Controller
Adjust the desk upwards
Adjust the desk downwards
1 Position 1, first height position saved by the user
2 Position 2, second height position saved by the user
3 Position 3, third height position saved by the user
M Height memory function
A Alert button to remind users changing posture

SOLOS Premium L-shaped Standing Desk Controller

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it optional to install the casters?

A: Yes, SOLOS provides variety of accessories, including the desk casters, you may add to purchase, and simply install 6 casters under the base of desk legs.

Q: How the standing desk works to adjust height?

A: SOLOS L-shaped Premium Standing Desk comes with a hand controller, a control box and 3 motors. You could use hand controller for height up and down once it connects to the power.

Q: Can I use my own tabletop with SOLOS standing desk legs?

A: Yes, you may use your own tabletop with our standing desk legs. as long as it has a L-shaped tabletop surface, our standard tabletop dimension is 63 and 51 inches of two edges.

Q: Do you have any local store that I can try your standing desk?

A: Currently, we do not have a local store, but we provide a 30 days hassle-free return policy, you could return the product if you are not satisfied with it within 30 days after your purchase. Solos will cover the return shipping cost for any quality issues, otherwise, the return shipping cost will be the responsibility of the buyers.

Q: How to asembly a SOLOS L-shaped standing desk

A: We have detailed assembly guides that are included with your standing desk. It will only take you 10-30 minutes to assemble a SOLOS standing desk by following the guidance. You may also click here to download PDF version guidance.

Q: What can I do with malfunction of the hand controller?

A: Please kindly check the connection first, disorganized power cords and cables may pull out the connection while your desk up and down. Second, you may press the “▼” button to the lowest height and hold for 5 seconds; or press the "3" and "M" button together and hold for 5 seconds, the system will reboot and back to normal. If it still not working, please contact us and we will help you right away.

Q: What about the warranty?

A: All Solos standing desk comes with a 5-year warranty, this including the motors, control boxes, hand controllers and legs. For any malfunction or quality issues, please contact us for exchange and solution, thanks.