Advanced Standing Desk

Savor wellness, focus on the business, the advanced standing desk is for every professional.
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Quick Overview
  • Height adjustable range: 22.8’’- 48.4’’ (23.8’’-49.4’’ with the desktop)
  • 300 lbs (136kg) lifting capacity
  • Powerful dual-motor
  • Three stages leg
  • USB fast charging port
  • Three programmable heights and alarm
  • Quiet one-touch operation
  • Industry-leading anti-collision system
  • 30-day free trial, 5-year warranty

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Built Advanced for Unravelled Performance

The SOLOS Advanced standing desk SPCC steel frame never compromises on quality nor performance. Coming in white or black, it matches our various shapes and finishes E1 level tabletops you can choose from. Furthermore, with an outstanding lifting capacity of 300lbs, max height of 48.4’’, and smooth travel speed of 1.50"/s, it is built with your ultimate convenience and comfort in mind.

Stand Frame Controller with USB Port

Everything under Seamless Control

The SOLOS Advanced standing desk comes with a smart one-touch controller, allowing you to change your desk height effortlessly. Up to 3 preset heights and a helpful alarm, enabling you to experience a smooth height adjustment and more productive work style. The additional built-in USB charging port(1.5V, 2A) adds extra convenience.

Stand Frame Controller with USB Port

All-around Powerful

Each SOLOS Advanced standing desk features a state-of-the-art dual-motor and a robust steel 3-stage leg design, promising precise movement and quiet operation (under 50 dBs). The best-in-class anti-collision system gives you more convenience and security. So now you can stay productive, healthy, and focused more than ever before.

Perfect Harmony, Enjoy!

It’s not just about ease of use, sleek design, and superior quality. The SOLOS Advanced standing desk elevates freedom, safety, and comfort while you are at work. There’s a divine balance in the highly efficient and virtually silent operation.

SOLOS Desk Gives a Better Ergonomic Lifestyle for Business Office and Home Office

SOLOS Desk Stand Specifications

SOLOS Advanced standing desk frame
Basic Info
Height Range(Desktop Included): 22.8" - 48.4"/580 -1230mm
Load Capacity: 136kg/300lbs
Max Speed: 1.50"/s (38mm/s)
Horizontal Range: 36.7" - 68.2"/933 -1733mm
Alarm Function : Yes
Anti-Collision System : Yes
Shipping Info
Shipping Dimension: 45.1"x 8.1"x 9.8"/1145x205x250mm
Shipping Weight: 35.6kg/78.5lb

SOLOS Advanced Standing Desk Assembly Manual

SOLOS Desk Top Specifications

Small Desk Top: 47"x23"

SOLOS Standing Desk Small Desk Top

Medium Desk Top: 55"x27"

SOLOS Standing Desk Medium Desk Top

Curved Desk Top: 55"x27"

SOLOS Standing Desk Curve Desk Top
Desk TopColorPackage Info
Small Top White, Wood S: 48.3''x24.4''x1.9''
W: 30.9lbs/ 14.0kg
Medium Top White,Wood
S: 56.2''x28.4''x1.9''
W: 39.1lbs/17.7kg
Curved Top White,Wood S: 56.2''x28.4''x1.9''

SOLOS Advanced Standing Desk Specification

SOLOS Desk Controller Specification

SOLOS Advanced Standing Desk Controller

SOLOS standing desk controller
Adjust the desk upwards
Adjust the desk downwards
1 Position 1, first height position saved by the user
2 Position 2, second height position saved by the user
3 Position 3, third height position saved by the user
M Height memory function
A Alert button to remind users changing posture

SOLOS Advanced Standing desk Controller

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We provide a limited, non-transferable warranty covering defects in material and craftsmanship under regular use for the Advanced Standing Desk.

  • 5 Years Coverage: metal frames, motor dual-motor, control pad, control box, cable connection
  • 1 Year Coverage: tabletop

Click here for our detailed return policy and warranty .

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it optional to install the casters for desk movement?

A: Yes, SOLOS provides a variety of accessories. The desk casters may be added to your purchase. Simply install 4 casters under the base of desk legs, if you would like too.

Q: How does the SOLOS Advanced Standing Desk adjust height?

A: SOLOS Advanced Standing Desk comes with a hand controller, a control box and a motor. You could use hand controller for height up and down once it connects to the power.

Q: Can I use my own tabletop with SOLOS Advanced Standing Desk legs?

A: Yes, you may use your own tabletop with our SOLOS Advanced Standing Desk legs. as long as it has a flat surface, and 47 to 78 inches long, 23 to 31 inches wide.

Q: What is the difference between V2 Standing Desk and Advanced Standing Desk?

A: The SOLOS Advanced Standing Desk comes with a 3-stages leg design, which provided stronger stability and a bigger range of height adjustment. That you could have a lower height when you sit while the higher height when you stand. Besides, the hand controller of the SOLOS Advanced Standing Desk comes with a USB port, convenient for your devices charging.

Q: Do you have any local store that I can try your standing desk?

A: Currently, we do not have a local store, but we provide a 30 day hassle-free return policy. You could return the product if you are not satisfied with it within 30 days after your purchase. SOLOS will cover the return shipping cost for any quality issues, otherwise, the return shipping cost will be the responsibility of the buyers.

Q: How to asemble a SOLOS Advanced Standing Desk?

A: We have detailed assembly guides that are included with your standing desk. It will only take you 10-30 minutes to assemble a SOLOS standing desk by following the guidance. You may also click here to download PDF version guidance.

Q: What can I do with malfunction of the hand controller?

A: Please kindly check the connection first, disorganized power cords and cables may pull out the connection while your desk up and down. Second, you may press the “▼” button to the lowest height and hold for 5 seconds; or press the "3" and "M" button together and hold for 5 seconds, the system will reboot and back to normal. If it still not working, If you have more questions please check out our hand controller specification or contact us for further solutions, thanks.

Q: What about the warranty?

A: All SOLOS standing desks come with a 5-year warranty, including the motors, control boxes, hand controllers, and legs. For any malfunction or quality issues, please contact us for exchange and solution.

ANNOUNCEMENT:For offline orders, please contact [email protected]