What is a standing desk?

Adjustable standing desks are now commonplace in a lot of offices and working environments, due largely to the fact that they are so efficient at tackling the risks and ill-effects caused by prolonged spells of sitting.

Adjustable standing desks are basically specially created desks which are designed to allow users to alternate between periods of sitting down to work and standing up to work. These desks are typically electronic and can be adjusted by pressing a button.

The idea is not to spend all day standing up working, instead, the idea is to alternate between periods of sitting down and periods of standing up throughout the day.

What is a standing desk?

What are the benefits of standing desks?

Standing desks help to align your spine

One key reason to invest in an electric standing desk is the fact that they have been found to help align your spine.

One common reason why people experience neck and/or back pain is that their spines are misaligned because of how they spend their days sitting and hunched forwards for hours on end.

With an electric standing desk, the user will spend prolonged periods standing up straight as they work, which in turn can help to realign their spines.

If your spine is misaligned and is causing you pain and discomfort, a standing desk could prove to be the perfect solution.

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Standing desks help to relieve back pain

It isn’t just spinal alignment issues that can cause people to experience back pain, it turns out that poor posture, in general, can also place an unnecessary load upon the spine.

Lower back pain is not uncommon and will affect between 1 in 4 and 1 in 5 adults at some point in their lives. One common reason for this is simply because sitting can place an increased load upon the base of the spine, resulting in lower back pain.

Using adjustable standing desks, however, is a great way to relieve lower back pain because when you are standing upright you are immediately relieving the pressure placed upon the spine and lower back caused by sitting down.

Put simply, the more time you spend stood upright, the less pressure will be placed upon your spine, which can only be a good thing.

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Standing desks promote weight management

The obesity epidemic is one which doctors and health officials are very serious about tackling as it is resulting in all manner of health issues and physical ailments plaguing the general public.

Life expectancies are declining, hypertension cases are on the up, and currently, heart disease and cardiovascular-related issues claim more lives every year than any other disease or illness. All of these are caused, at least in part, by obesity.

One reason we’re becoming obese is that we spend so much time each day sitting down. We wake up and sit down to eat breakfast. We then sit in our cars or on public transport and travel to work. We then spend the best part of 8 hours sat at our desk before driving home and spending our evenings sat on the couch. This type of sedentary lifestyle is not conducive to weight management.

One of the best things about an electric standing desk is the fact that standing helps to burn more calories than sitting, and also means you’re more likely to be slightly more active when working.

Obviously standing is not the same as going to the gym or for a jog, but it is better than sitting and is therefore very useful for anybody struggling with their weight.

Incidentally, obesity is another major cause of back pain.

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