In the workplace, whether you work from home, in a busy office, or even a little bit of both, you will no doubt want to be as comfortable and as productive as you can be. Believe it or not, but something as seemingly basic as choosing the wrong chair could actually seriously hinder your productivity and damage your health in the process.

In the workplace, every single day, people’s health is suffering due to a lack of movement, too much sitting, and sitting in the wrong position. Ergonomic chairs and other similar office chairs, therefore, are proving hugely popular but are they really as beneficial as some people would have you believe, or would a normal chair be just as good?

Below, we’ll be looking at the key differences between a regular office chair and an ergonomic chair with lumbar support in a bid to determine which is better and what some of the key benefits are.

If you’re on the market for a new office chair, here’s a look at the key differences between standard office chair products and ergonomic chair products.

What are ergonomic chairs?

Ergonomic chairs are chairs that are designed to be comfortable and supportive. Usually sat on in the office while working, ergonomic chairs offer lumbar support, support for the back, support for the neck, comfort, adjustability, and much more besides.

Ergonomic is a term that relates to comfort or efficiency within a working environment and so as you might expect, if you do opt for an ergonomic chair with lumbar support, you’re going to be fairly comfortable and supported as you work.

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Why standard office chairs aren’t any good

Some health experts and officials have claimed that ‘sitting is the new smoking due to the fact that sitting for a prolonged period of time can damage your health in so many different ways.

Sitting down can lead to weight gain and a lack of exercise, yet because so many people spend so much time sitting hunched over at their desks without any proper comfort or lumbar support, posture-related health issues are also on the up. This is good news if you’re a chiropractor, but not so great news if you’re an office worker that values your health.

Standing desks such as the SOLOS V2 Premium Standing Desk are doing very well at the moment, especially when used in conjunction with an ergonomic office chair.

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Things to consider when buying an ergonomic chair

If you’re on the market for an office chair offering ergonomic support, there are a number of things to consider. These include:

Seat height

The first consideration when shopping for an ergonomic office chair is the seat height.

Regular office chairs don’t always offer adjustable seat heights, which is ridiculous as different people are different heights. With an office chair offering an adjustable seat you can select a height that is right for you.

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Lumbar support

Without question, the most important consideration when it comes to the purchasing of an ergonomic chair is lumbar support.

When you buy an ergonomic chair with lumbar support, you know that your back, spine, and neck will be supported so you can work in comfort and enjoy a strong and healthy posture as a result.

When shopping for an office chair offering lumbar support, the SOLOS Classic Ergonomic Chair comes strongly recommended as it provides a classic yet contemporary look, with heaps of culture and functionality in the process.

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Swivel feature

Even though this may not be the most conducive work environment, if your office is becoming unbearably hot, keeping the blinds closed will make a difference.

If you have the blinds open, the sun will be shining through the windows all day, which of course will magnify the heat and make it even hotter. The blinds help to reflect and block the rays and heat from the sun, helping to keep the office cooler.

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Seat width and depth

As well as being able to adjust the height of your seat, you should also pay attention to the width and the depth of your seat as well.

Remember, different people come in different sizes and weights and subsequently, you want an ergonomic chair that can easily accommodate you, regardless of what size you happen to be.

Whereas regular office chairs may come in different sizes in terms of seat width and depth, an ergonomic chair with lumbar support will also allow you to adjust the seat and tilt it forwards or backward in order to provide you with good posture at all times whilst sitting.

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Should offer adequate support

When it comes to office chair products that offer lumbar support, you need to ensure that you are indeed receiving the necessary support.

Ideally, you want an office chair that offers support for the rib cage or the thoracic spine. You’ll want a chair that reaches the height of both of your shoulders as you sit upright.

With the right pelvis and thoracic lumbar support, your rib cage and/or thoracic spine should be over your overall center of gravity which means that the upper body requires less muscular support, and consequently, less stress is placed upon the neck, spine, and back in general.

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When it comes to purchasing a chair for use in the office, people often overlook the importance of picking a chair in the right material.

Sure, leather can be comfortable, and it certainly looks luxurious and expensive, but it can also get very hot and very sticky in the summer and in warm weather. It also requires a lot more maintenance and care than regular materials.

The SOLOS Premium Ergonomic Chair, however, comes in mesh material with 9 adjustment positions and full lumbar support. The material itself is soft, comfortable, and sturdy and promotes adequate airflow and ventilation so your skin can breathe, especially in hot temperatures.

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