If you’re finding that your productivity levels are dwindling lately and you’re struggling to focus at work, believe it or not but it could be something as simple as your desk that needs changing. 

Studies have found that sitting for prolonged periods of time can have an adverse effect on your posture and your productivity levels in the workplace, which is one of the main reasons why standing office desk sales have gone through the roof as of late. 

With so many people now working from home as we navigate our way out of the pandemic and back to some semblance of normality in the workplace, the importance of good quality office accessories and office furniture has never been greater. 

If you are looking to improve your posture and boost your productivity as you work from home, one of the best purchases that you could ever wish to make, will be a standing desk. 

To accompany your standing office desk however, you will need office desk accessories, which is precisely what we’re looking at below. Here are several fantastic standing office desk accessories you should purchase. 

Ergonomic standing mat

ergonomic standing mat

It doesn’t matter which standing desk you have your eye on, one of the most important accessories you could wish to utilize along with your standing desk, is an ergonomic standing mat. 

Companies such as SOLOS offer a wide range of standing mats including the SOLOS Ergonomic Standing Mat, which features a sleek and stylish design, a 25mm mat thickness, and a unique anti-stress design to help ease pressure placed upon the feet and the joints. 

Standing at a standing desk for hours on end can be painful and bad for the feet and joints, but not with the SOLOS Ergonomic Standing Mat, which comes very highly recommended indeed. 

A monitor mount

monitor mount

Another important consideration when shopping for standing desk accessories is a monitor mount. 

A monitor mount is, as the name implies, a product that is designed to allow you to mount your computer monitor to your desk. This is actually very important because as it is adjustable, it allows you to alter the height and angle of the screen so that it is ergonomically practical for you as you work. 

Casters and wheels

casters wheels

One thing that people forget when designing a home office and equipping it with a heavy standing office desk, is the fact that moving the desk alone can be tricky. 

Moving the desk on a hard surface without wheels is hard enough, plus there is always the risk of damage to the floor, and trying to move it on carpet is even harder. 

Thankfully, SOLOS provides a 4PCs Casters and Wheels for Desk set, which are ABS fireproof, feature a low profile design, are compatible with virtually all SOLOS desks and standing desks, and make for the ultimate office accessories as they make life so much easier in the workplace. 

Laptop stand

laptop stand

Another very simple yet highly effective standing office desk accessory is a laptop stand. 

A laptop stand is designed to give you somewhere to fit your laptop securely, and to alter its height on your desk so that it is ergonomic and so that it will prevent you from suffering with posture-related issues as time passes by. 

The SOLOS Single Laptop Stand for example, is a very simple, yet highly effective product as it is fully adjustable in size, it fits laptops of varying levels of thickness, it is made from silicone and aluminium alloy, it comes in a stunning silver finish, and SOLOS even offer you a 3-year warranty with it. 

Offering single and double laptop stands, be sure to check out what SOLOS has to offer and you and your laptop will never look back again. 

Filing cabinet

filing cabinet

Okay, this might not be an office accessory that is designed to fit directly onto your desk, but it is still a fantastic home office essential and it is something that will make your life at work so much easier. 

Products such as the SOLOS Combination Lock File Cabinet are very useful as you can securely lock important documents away and out of harm’s way, and access them in a matter of seconds. This particular file cabinet features an aesthetic and modern design, fully extendable drawers, five casters for perfect mobility, locks for all 3 drawers, and a 3-year warranty. 

A filing cabinet isn’t just great for keeping important documents, letters, and files safe, it’s also ideal for keeping everything organized and tidy, so you can find what you need to find in a matter of seconds. 

Pick up a SOLOS Combination Lock File Cabinet and there will be no more lost letters or misplaced files ever again. 

Universal travel adaptor

universal travel adaptor

Finally, last, but by no means least, we have a universal travel adaptor. 

Due to the fact that gadgets and gizmos come from all over the globe, you never know when you might need an adaptor from another country and the SOLOS Universal Travel Adaptor has more than 90 countries covered. 

This is the ultimate standing office desk accessory because it is small, discreet, affordable, portable, and so very easy to use. As an added bonus, having on your desk means you’ll be less likely to miss it when you’re packing your case for that important business meeting overseas. 

Again, with a 3-year warranty, SOLOS has got you covered.