Make sure you consider the lift capacity

A standing desk frame is, just as the name suggests – a frame designed specifically for a standing desk.

Now, the thing to consider when it comes to standing desks, is the fact that each one is designed differently and consequently each one will be able to hold a different amount of weight to the last.

When choosing a standing desk frame, lift capacity is one of the most important considerations when making your decision. Obviously, there’s the weight of the desk itself, along with the weight of any electronic devices that you happen to be using.

These electronic devices may work wonders, but they don’t work miracles and if you try to put too much weight onto the desk, it won’t lift and you could potentially burn out the motor.

Needless to say, before you purchase a standing desk frame, be sure to figure out how much weight the desk will be holding, and be sure to factor in extra weight just to be sure.

What is a standing desk?

Work out a budget

As you know, nothing in the business world comes free, and if you want the best, you must be willing to part with your cash. Now, that does not mean that you should just resign yourself to the fact that you’re going to need to spend a fortune on doing your office up, because you don’t.

Many standing desk legs and standing desk frames come in a variety of different designs and this is reflected heavily in the price.

Before you commit to buying a standing desk frame, first do some research online to find out what the differences in costs are, and then use that to work out your budget.

A great choice for a very reasonable price, for example, is the SOLOS ET Stand Standing Desk Frame for V2 Standing Desk which is around $359.

It is worth noting that super cheat, budget standing desk frames will likely be poorly made, and will not have a very strong lift capacity, so if the standing desk legs don’t give out, the motor probably will.

 adjustable standing desk

Choose a stable base

The great thing about standing desks is the fact that you can use different accessories with them.

A lot of people like to use treadmills under their standing desks. These are basically miniature motorised treadmills that move at a very slow pace so users can “walk” as they work. Needless to say, you want to choose a standing desk frame that has a sturdy base.

Cheaper models on the market tend to be unstable at larger heights and the standing desk legs tend to wobble and shake. If you’re walking on a treadmill, this is obviously far from ideal so be sure to find a model with a sturdy base that doesn’t wobble or shake.

 adjustable standing desk

How does it look?

Okay, we understand that desks are designed to be functional rather than decorative, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t improve the aesthetics of your office by purchasing a sleek and stylish standing desk or standing desk frame.

You can purchase standing desk frames and standing desk legs in a variety of different colours, shapes, sizes, and designs and so for that reason it makes sense to choose colours and designs that will complement the existing décor of your office or work space.

electric standing desk

Don’t forget your add-ons

Finally, if you are looking to find the best standing desk frame you should also be sure to take any add-ons into consideration.

Like with a regular desk, you may decide to add cable tidies, or caster wheels, or various other cable management accessories and so be sure to consider these before you commit to purchasing a standing desk frame.

What is a standing desk?