We’re currently living in an age in which technology is advancing at an astonishing rate. Whereas products that were once considered innovative and life-changing were considered decades ahead of their time years ago, they are now considered obsolete and have been replaced by more advanced models.

Apple arguably changed tech forever when it created the world’s first smartphone known as the iPhone. This phone revolutionized the way we use our phones and. In contrast, once upon a time, a phone’s primary function was for calling people or sending messages; the iPhone’s primary function was to browse the web. The features that made it a phone were just handy bonuses.

To charge your iPhone, you will need to have what is known as a lightning cable, which is what we’re going to be talking to you about today.

People often claim that cheap lightning cables are dangerous and that you should only use Apple lightning cables, but is this the truth? Let’s find out.

What are lightning cables?

lightning cables

Despite their dramatic-sounding names, these cables don’t shoot lightning or have anything to do with thunder or lightning, though it would be cool if they did. Instead, these cables are official Apple Inc charging cables designed to charge iPhones and other Apple products.

Lightning cables were created back in 2012, whereby they replaced the 30-pin dock connector used to charge older Apple products.

The lightning cable uses eight pins, rather than 30 in the older model, and as it is symmetrical, it has the same number of pins on either side, so it can be inserted either side into your device’s charging port.

Common iPhone charging myths

On charging your smart devices, here are some common iPhone charging myths that are simply not true.

turning off their iPhone

Your phone never needs to be switched off

Apple charging cables

You should never charge your phone overnight

Cheap Lightning Cables

You shouldn’t use non-Apple charging cables

Your feet will ache

You shouldn’t use your phone when it is charging

So, are cheap lightning cables safe?

As remarkable as smartphones can be, one of their most significant downsides is that the battery life is so pathetic when they’re in use.

Older mobile/cellular phones had batteries that would last up to 3 – 4 days in some cases, whereas nowadays, if you are using the phone, i.e. to browse the web, the battery can be drained in less than 90-minutes in some cases.

Having lightning cables to charge your iPhone is essential, but as Apple cables are so expensive and overpriced in many people’s opinions, are there any alternatives? Well, yes, there are.

If made by credible companies, cheap lightning cables are every bit as safe and reliable as Apple cables; it just means that you aren’t paying over the odds for the Apple brand.

You should, however, be wary of the manufacturer as some cheap knock-off lightning cables may not be reliable and may not be safe. However, speaking generally, cheap lightning cables are every bit as safe and reliable as official Apple ones.