A standing desk, also called as a stand-up desk, is basically a desk that allows you to stand up between your sitting while working.

Monitor Stand

Why Should You Use a Monitor Stand?

standing desk

1.Gentler on the Body

By keeping the laptop at a more natural level for your height, you may be able to reduce strain on areas such as the neck and eyes.

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2.Work While Standing

Using an adjustable laptop stand can help you get used to the idea of standing while working if you've been considering a standing desk.

Monitor Stand

3.Keeps the Laptop Cooler

Without the fan running a mile a minute to try and keep up with the workload, not only will you be saving your lap from uncomfortable heat but also keep the laptop running smoothly as well.

Monitor Stand

4.Move Your Stand Wherever You'd Like

These stands are often as easy to carry as the laptop themselves, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable setup no matter where you are working on any given day.

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5.Improve Your Posture

By keeping the laptop at the right height, you can more naturally sit upright in order to help correct your posture which could provide benefits in the long term.

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6.Reduces Screen Glare

With an adjustable laptop stand that allows you to get the height of the screen right, you can avoid the glare that comes with ill-positioned screens in a bright setting.

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7.Adjust the Height of the Screen

A vertical laptop stand will give you the ability to set the screen at a height that is more comfortable and ergonomic like you'd experience from a desktop computer, helping to make you more comfortable. This will also keep the keyboard at a more comfortable level of elbow height.

Monitor Stand

8.Reduces Your Desk Clutter

By propping your laptop up on your desk, you can put an external keyboard or mouse beneath it to save space for other office accessories and work tools elsewhere on the desk.

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9.Take Advantage of Additional Features

Some laptop stand varieties have other features outside of their original functionality including cable management systems, extra USB ports, slots for smartphones, small drawers and more, which could improve upon your productivity.

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10.Multipurpose Use

Many laptop stands can also function as a book, sheet music, notebook or tablet holders to give the stand purpose even when you aren't using it to work.