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This desk has upgraded to "V2 Premium Standing Desk", search "V2" instead.
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Quick Overview
  • The ergonomic design promotes health and wellness by relieving pressure along your back and reducing strain on your neck and shoulders.
  • Easily adjust the desk from 28 to 47 inches high at the touch of a button thanks to the SOLOS pneumatic motor.
  • The spacious 55 x 27 inch desktop is ideal for working in the office or at home in comfort.
  • The stable structure with dual motors allow for fast adjustments and reliable performance.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed and 5 year warranty.
  • Easy to assemble: the standing desk assembly takes approximately 10-30 minutes with included tools and user manual.

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Display of the One Click Button Control Function of SOLOS Premium Standing Desk

Dual-Turbo Motors: Fast And Noise Free

Built like a rock, The SOLOS premium standing desk (premium standing desk has upgraded to V2 desk, check it out) is made from heavy-duty steel constructed frame, featuring a one-piece center beam with two integrated motors and telescopic height adjustment. This desk is also available in a more cost-effective single motor model.

The SOLOS Premium Standing Desk is able to lift up to 220 lbs without breaking a sweat (see all desk models). These desks come equipped with a memory controller that allows for three preset heights that can be programmed to buttons 1, 2, and 3. The Time Alarm feature reminds users when they have been sitting for too long. Go from sitting to standing with the push of a button. The variable desk heights range from 28 to 47 inches (29 to 48 inches with desk top). Click here for product specifications.

Multiple Types of Desk Boards for SOLOS Premium Standing Desk

Environmentally Friend Desk Tops

The SOLOS standing desk tops is made of environmentally friendly particle material, certified by CARB ( California Air Resources Board) and complied with E1 manufacturing standards. The Desk tops are designed with 1 inch thickness and a surface area of 55 x 27 inches. The desk tops are available in four different colors and two shapes depending on preference.

Standing Desk Provides with A Healthier Working Lifestyle

The Choice For A Healthier Working Lifestyle

The SOLOS Standing Desk makes the shift from sitting to standing simple providing a more healthy and productive work experience. Sitting for long periods of time can have adverse negative health effects including obesity, neck pain, back pain, leg cramps, etc. A healthy work and life balance is important. More useful health tips and information on our ergonomic products and accessories can be found at Our Blogs and Workplace Pages.

SOLOS Standing Desk Makes Work Smarter with Its Numerous Desk Accessories

Smarter Than Just A Standing Desk

The SOLOS designs and manufactures products with stability, reliability and quality. A variety of powerful and useful accessories are also available to increase your convenience and productivity. The SOLOS desk tops come with two prefabricated holes with grommets for cable management and a power supply accessories. The SOLOS Cable Manager is designed to be installed under the desk to provide proper cable management. The SOLOS Power Grommet comes equipped with two power sockets and also two usb ports to provide power to your multiple devices. The SOLOS Ergonomic Standing Mat is also available and provides cushion while standing for long periods of time.Please navigate to Desk Accessories section for more information and pricing.

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