SOLOS Executive Package

SOLOS Executive Package includes L-shaped Standing Desk, Premium Ergonomic Chair, File Cabinet, Acoustic Panel, Power Grommet, Cable Management, Monitor Stand Premium, Ergonomic Standing Mat
SOLOS Executive Package

Premium Ergonomic Chair

SOLOS File Cabinets

(2 color option)

SOLOS Acoustic Panel

(2 color option)

Monitor Stand


SOLOS Cable Manager

(installed under the table)

SOLOS Power Grommet

(installed on the standing desk)

Ergonomic Standing Mat

SOLOS Executive Package

SOLOS Executive Package is designed for manager's offices and executive workspace. This solution provides a comprehensive set of quality working facilities a leader needs. From ergonomic desks and chairs to storage and management accessories, SOLOS Executive Package has all these included, in order to create a holistically comfortable, high quality environment for you. With the bigger working space that our L-shaped desk creates, and the extra comfort our ergonomic chair and standing mat offers, you can now focus more on the work and the thing that really matters, instead of the trivial inconvenience we want to prevent you from.

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