SOLOS Ergonomic Package

SOLOS Premium Standing Desk, Acoustic Side Panel (a pair), Premium Ergonomic Chair, Power Grommet, Cable Manager

V2 Premium Standing Desk(with white stand)

(6 options)

Premium Ergonomic Chair

SOLOS File Cabinets

(2 color option)

Acoustic Privacy Side Panel

(1 pair2 color option)

Monitor Stand


SOLOS Cable Manager

(installed under the table)

SOLOS Power Grommet

(installed on the standing desk)

Ergonomic Standing Mat


SOLOS Ergonomic Package

Solos Ergonomic Package is the best fit for business and corporation environments. This solution provides employees with a set of complete work facilities, such as the ergonomic and adjustable desk and chair, desktop power grommets for fast and convenient devices charging, quality file cabinet for personal needs for storage, and the acoustic panels that can help users to block the unwanted distraction at work, whether it be for the eyes or the ears. These are all the basics in working environments that are going to help you boost efficiency and have a better workflow. We strongly recommend this package to customers for that you are guaranteed to see the value in this investment.

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