SOLOS Comfort Package

SOLOS Premium Standing Desk, Acoustic Privacy Panel (1 piece), Fashion Ergonomic Chair, Power Grommet, and Cable Manager.
SOLOS Comfort Package
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SOLOS Premium Standing Desk

(6 options)

SOLOS Fashion Ergonomic Chair

SOLOS Acoustic Panel

SOLOS Cable Manager

(installed under the table)

SOLOS Power Grommet

(installed on the standing desk)


SOLOS Comfort Package

This package comes with all the necessary working furniture a person needs at work. The standing desk enables you to change the height to fit your preference. The reliable and cozy chair can help elevate your sitting experience. In order to help employees work in a neat and convenient way, we add the power grommet and cable tray for fast charging and under-table cable management. We want to spare you the trouble of bending your body to go under the desk for charging and unplugging. What is more, our acoustic panel can help reduce noise and disturbance. That way, you are allowed to focus more on the work itself instead of the unnecessary distraction. Choose our cost-effective workplace Comfort Package and enjoy your working hours.

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