If there’s one thing that 2020 taught us, it’s that gaming is an awesome way to pass your time, and can also be beneficial.

Gaming is often viewed negatively because it is generally a sedentary pastime but when you consider the benefits that gaming provides, such as improved hand-eye coordination, superior reflex skills, and improved cognitive function, gaming is not all bad at all.

Last year, gaming desk sales spiked massively as people took to gaming much more seriously than in the past, due largely to the fact that there was little else to do to pass the time.

If you’re getting into your gaming and are on the lookout for an adjustable gaming desk, here are some tips on what to look for when buying a PC gaming desk.

Know which size you require

It’s all well and good searching online for an adjustable gaming desk but if you aren’t sure what size desk you need you could wind up being bitterly disappointed when your desk arrives.

Remember, when choosing a PC gaming desk, all desks come in a variety of different shapes and sizes so it’s important to take measurements beforehand to know exactly what size to order.

Measure the room that the desk is going to go in and then measure the part of the room where you want the desk to fit. The last thing you want is for your gaming desk to arrive and be too big to fit in the space you want it to go.

PC gaming desk

Consider the layout of the room

Another consideration when choosing a gaming chair is the overall layout of the room. When choosing an adjustable gaming chair, it doesn’t matter how nice the chair looks or how practical it might appear, if it won’t fit comfortably in the room, or if it will be in the way, the novelty will quickly wear off.

Before buying your gaming desk, look at the size and shape of the room, along with the furniture and fittings, and make sure that the desk will fit, and also, that it won’t prove to be an obstruction.

 adjustable standing chair

Are you happy with your current gaming setup?

It doesn’t matter whether you do your gaming on a console or a PC, when you’re on the lookout for an adjustable gaming desk you will need to decide whether or not you’re happy with your current gaming setup or whether you plan to expand.

You could do your gaming on a PC and invest in a PC gaming desk, only to decide a few months later that you want to purchase a larger monitor, or a dual monitor, or an advanced speaker system. If your current PC gaming desk is only just big enough for your current setup, if you decided to add to it and go bigger, you probably wouldn’t have the room.

If you plan to expand your gaming setup as time goes by, why not invest in an adjustable gaming desk that is slightly larger than first intended, as you will have extra space if you need it.

gaming setup

Don’t forget the shape

The great thing about gaming desks nowadays is that they come in a variety of different shapes so you’ve plenty of options.

You can go with an L-shaped adjustable gaming desk, U-shaped desks, corner desks, rectangular desks, and more besides.

L-shaped adjustable gaming desk

How much weight can it handle?

Another very important consideration for people looking to purchase an adjustable gaming desk is how much weight the desk can handle.

Remember, computers, monitors, speakers, and various other gadgets and gizmos which will likely need to sit on your desk somewhere are not exactly light in weight. The last thing you want is to purchase a cheap and flimsy PC gaming desk, only to discover that it can’t handle the weight of your gaming setup and it collapses.

This is not only a huge inconvenience, but it could also be very expensive and even potentially dangerous as well.

Before ordering a gaming desk, get a rough idea of how much weight is going to be on the desk and then quadruple that at the very least. The more weight the desk can hold, the better it will likely be.

gaming desk

How does it feel?

When people choose an adjustable gaming desk, they likely don’t consider what the desk is made of all that much.

In reality, the material that the desk is made of is quite important. Say for example, when you are gaming, you rest your forearms or your elbows on the desk, if it is rough and uneven it may be uncomfortable on your skin, and you may even get splinters if it is wooden.

Not only that but if it is laminate or shiny plastic, if you sweat or are damp slightly, will the moisture cause your arms to slip?

Quality standing desks for example, like those provided by SOLOS such as the Gaming Standing Desk, are not only comfortable and practical, they also feel great on your skin and can enhance your overall gaming experience.

adjustable gaming desk