Invest in a wall mount server cabinet

One of the best ways of getting your work area tidied up is to invest in a network cabinet to help get your servers mounted securely to the wall and organized neatly, rather than just being bunched up under your desk surrounded by loose wires.

A wall mount server cabinet is designed to securely attach to the wall where you can store your servers and get all of your cables and electronics organized neatly and tidily, instead of having them loose.

A wall mount network cabinet is great as it is easy to install, they come equipped with glass doors, sturdy frames, and aesthetic designs, and they are designed to withstand upwards of 190 pounds, which is more than enough for even the most advanced of server.

Purchase a cable organizer

Now that you’ve utilized wall mounted server racks, it’s time to deal with the wires from the electronics that can’t fit into the cabinet.

Wires from printers, laptops, chargers, computers, tablets, and various other electronic devices may be necessary, but the more you have, the more tangled they become and the more untidy they become as a result.

Using a cable organizer or cable manager is a great way of getting these cables organized and hidden out of sight.

Clean your office regularly

Instead of waiting until spring for the annual spring deep clean of your office, why not get into the habit of cleaning your office regularly instead?

Vacuum the floor, dust and wipe your surfaces, and be sure to wipe down the walls and wash the windows.

You needn’t deep clean the office from top to bottom, but just try to keep it fairly clean. Alternatively you could hire a cleaner and have them clean it for you.

Another benefit of utilizing things such as wall mounted server racks, or cable managers, is the fact that having them off the floor will make it much easier to vacuum the floor and get to places which would ordinarily be considered as hard to reach.


As well as having your office look clean, you should also make sure that it is also clean, tidy, and sterile too, which means you will need to disinfect.

If there’s one thing a global pandemic can highlight, it’s the importance of keeping surfaces clean, sterile and free from germs and bacteria.

You needn’t deep clean the office from top to bottom, but just try to keep it fairly clean. Alternatively you could hire a cleaner and have them clean it for you

Invest in an antibacterial cleaning spray, along with antibacterial wipes and solutions and be sure to regularly wipe down and disinfect your surfaces and contact points such as door handles, cupboard doors, and computer keyboards etc.

Throw out items you don’t need

Whereas it’s always handy to have a pen nearby, do you really need more than 20 pens, many of which probably don’t even work and have been in the office longer than you have? If not, go ahead and throw the ones out that you don’t need.

If you’ve several staplers on your standing desk, along with hole punches, ring binders, and countless other office supplies and stationary, get rid of the ones you don’t need and perhaps donate them to other people that could use them more than you.