Running an office is tough at the best of times, especially when you consider the fact that finding good quality office furniture and accessories is a job in itself. 

When it comes to office design, the devil is in the detail and if you overlook just one thing, it can really set you back and cause you a lot of stress that could and should easily be avoided. 

As far as office design goes, of course you have things like standing desks and ergonomic chairs, but what about the smaller things and the fine details? Often, it’s these that make the biggest differences. 

Take a desk grommet for example. Some of you may not even be familiar with what they are, and those of you that are probably don’t consider them to be particularly important. From a business perspective, and indeed, as far as productivity is concerned however, a desktop power grommet can actually make a huge difference. 

If your office is undergoing a design overhaul and you’re on the hunt for a new desk grommet, here’s a look at what you need to know when choosing the right one. 

First off, what exactly is a desktop power grommet?

desktop grommet

A desk grommet may have a pretty unique name, and in terms of design, it may be pretty simple but the truth of the matter is that desk grommets are very important. 

A grommet is basically an edge strip or a ring which is inserted directly into a hole through a thin layer of material. If you want an example of a grommet, think of a shower curtain, or a curtain pole and the rings which the pole passes through. This is basically a grommet. 

In an office setting however, desktop power grommets are very useful as they are designed to be installed onto desks and standing desks, to provide power and also to keep cables neat, tidy, and organized. 

A power grommet with USB for example, provides power and also has a port for a USB cable so you can power multiple devices from the one grommet outlet, without having to fight your way through a sea of wires and cables. 

How to choose the best desk grommet for your office

If you have recently designed a new office, or if you’re simply trying to keep your workspace neat, tidy, and clutter-free, installing desktop power grommet products onto your desks is one of the best office hacks you could wish for. 

Despite grommets being fairly basic and readily available, it’s important that you choose the right one for your office, which is where we come into the mix. 

power grommet

Here’s a look at a few tips for choosing the best desk grommet products. 


First and foremost, as grommets are designed, in part at least, to help keep desks and offices neat, tidy, and organized, you’ll want a grommet that has an aesthetically pleasing design that goes with the rest of your office décor and furniture. 

The SOLOS Power Grommet for Standing Desk products for example, offers a modern and contemporary design in white or black, that blends in seamlessly with numerous standing desks and other pieces of office furniture. 

When it comes to grommet design, be sure to find one that fits in well with your office, so as to avoid it sticking out like a sore thumb. 


Now, in terms of features, a desk grommet is never going to offer you too much variety, but still, there are certain things to consider. 

You can of course go with regular desk grommet products, or you can go with a power grommet with USB capabilities like the SOLOS Power Grommet for Standing Desks. 

Because so many electronic devices are now powered and charged via USB, it is certainly advisable to opt for a grommet offering USB charging so just consider that when choosing your ideal desk grommet. 


When choosing a grommet, one of the most underappreciated considerations is the overall diameter of the product itself, yet this is actually very important. 

When you choose a desk grommet, first off you will need to consider the diameter of the grommet itself as this will determine how many cables you plan on running through it. 

If you plan on running multiple cables through just one grommet, you’ll of course need a grommet with a much larger than average diameter. On the flipside, if you want a desktop power grommet for just one cable, you can of course get away with a much smaller diameter. 


When it comes to grommets, when deciding on which product you should choose, it’s important to consider the primary function of the grommet. Are you looking to simply keep your cables neat, tidy, and organized, or do you wish to keep them protected as well? 

If you’re simply looking to protect the cables and prevent them from getting tangled, trapped, or split on sharp desk corners and edges, a basic desk grommet will be sufficient enough. 

If however, you’re looking to organize the cables and power them in the process, the SOLOS Power Grommet for Standing Desks is perfect. It features a dual USB charger, 2 power outlets, fireproof ABS material for added safety, a one year warranty, a sleek and stylish low profile rim, and heaps more besides.