The HUMANSCALE quick stand eco isn’t a desk, per se, so much as it’s an easy riser. This is perfect for those who need to do their work in an area that isn’t a home office but is still at home. If you need to transform your kitchen table into an office standing desk, then the HUMANSCALE quick stand eco is the one for you!

Another product from SOLOS is the Premium L Shaped Standing Desk. This office standing desk comes with three legs and can support up to four hundred pounds, meaning you can put almost any desk accessory on it. It’s also a motorized desk, which means that you can adjust the height of this office standing desk to fit any office chair, and to account for not using an office chair at all.

FREEDESK offers an office standing desk that functions almost like an adjustable side table. This is, again, great if your office space is smaller than usual and lacking in a traditional setup It doesn’t support a lot of weight but it’s a fuss-free way to give your back a break and adjust the set-up of your office so it’s healthier and easier for you to manage.

The main thing to remember – no matter which standing office desk you decide to go with – is that it’s going to be a long term investment. You need to select a desk that ticks all of the boxes for your home office. Once you figure out which standing office desk is right for you, you’ll find that lock down backache fading away in a matter of days!