If you want to be productive and get more done in the office, it’s important to be comfortable and also to be practical. 

When designing the layout of an office, not only do you need to ensure that you equip it with comfortable and ergonomic furniture, but you also need to ensure that the layout and accessories are practical too. 

When buying the desk for example, something as simple as having a desk on wheels can make all the difference when it comes to being practical and getting organized. A standing desk on wheels will make it much easier to re-arrange the layout if need be, not to mention when moving the desk for cleaning and tidying too. 

Another option when it comes to mobility is casters for table legs, though these might not be for everybody. If you’re considering casters for a desk on wheels, here are some important things to consider beforehand.

How much weight will the desk need to hold?

One of the first considerations when it comes to adding casters for table legs is roughly how much weight the desk will hold. 

Good quality desks such as the SOLOS Premium Standing Desk are not only large in size, but they’re also constructed to be strong and sturdy so they can handle heavier weights than cheap and inferior standing desks. When adding casters to your desk, this is certainly worth considering. 

desk casters

If you have heavy and expensive technology and equipment on your desk, obviously it will be heavy and you need to ensure that your casters are able to handle this weight comfortably. The last thing you want is for the casters to snap under the weight of the desk and everything stored on it, as this could prove to be extremely expensive. 

When purchasing casters, check how much weight they can handle and get a rough estimate of how much weight your desk is going to be holding. 

Don’t forget your work environment

Another consideration when purchasing casters for a desk on wheels is your work environment. 

Buying casters such as the SOLOS Casters for Standing Desk (4PCs) is supposed to help make your life in the office easier and more convenient. If however, you have thick carpet, or find that the office is too cramped and cluttered, you won’t be able to move the desk around easily and as a result the casters will be defunct. 

Before you commit to buying casters, double check whether or not your working environment will be suitable for them. ideally you want a smooth, hard, and even floor, and plenty of open space to move and wheel the desk around if required. 

Safety features

If you’re buying casters for a standing desk on wheels, as well as everything listed above thus far, you should also pay very close attention to the safety features. 

Now, standing desks like the SOLOS V2 Premium Standing Desk have safety features such as an anti-collision system and a child locking mechanism, but what about the wheels themselves? A heavy desk on wheels with no safety features could potentially be a recipe for disaster, so find casters with safety features. 

SOLOS and their 4PCs Casters for Standing Desk offer plenty of safety features, including two locking mechanisms to hold the wheels and the desk in place, as well as ABS fireproof material to help reduce the risk of fire in the workplace. 

When buying wheels for a desk, you might not think it, but the truth of the matter is that safety is very important and is something that should not be overlooked. 

Caster size

solos casters for standing desk

For those of you who aren’t great with DIY, you’ll be disappointed to learn that when buying casters, there isn’t actually a one size fits all design. 

Before you buy casters to start converting your desk into a desk on wheels, you should make sure that you pay very close attention to the size of the casters that you intend on buying. 

Obviously the smaller and lighter the desk, the smaller the casters will be, and vice versa when talking about bigger desks and bigger casters. Small casters are considered 1 -3/8 inches in diameter. Medium casters are 2 inches in diameter, and large casters are 3 inches and above in diameter. 

When it comes to caster size, work environment should also be considered. Smaller casters for example, would find it easier to get stuck in cracks and gaps in the floor and that’s obviously the last thing you want. 

Table height

If you use a standing desk, just be aware that adding casters to the desk, when using standing and sitting, this will add around 2 – 3 inches in height to the desk so this could potentially make it tougher to get it set at an ergonomic position. 

Rolling and rotation

The idea behind casters for table legs is to make life easier when working, and so for this reason you need to consider how the casters roll and rotate. 

Most good quality casters for desks and standing desks feature a 360-degree rotation so you can roll, move, and rotate them at your leisure, and wheel your desk in a variety of different directions with relative ease. 

When you buy casters for your desk, try to find casters which rotate 360-degrees if at all possible, as this will make it so much easier to wheel the desk around your office. 

Construction and quality

Finally, the last thing to consider when shopping for casters for your standing desk on wheels is the construction of the casters themselves. 

casters for desk

The last thing you want is to buy cheap and flimsy casters which snap under the weight of your desk, or, keep getting jammed as this will make your working life much tougher. Instead, look for good quality casters like the SOLOS Casters for Standing Desks we mentioned previously.