Okay, so the time you’ve been waiting for all of your working life is almost upon you, and finally, as a startup business, you’re ready to get started and get your new business up and running.

Starting a business is tough enough, and running a business is even tougher, due largely to the fact that there is so much to consider. Not only do you have to get up and running, nail your marketing, bring in customers, offer fantastic goods and services, and deal with the paperwork and logistics, you also need to consider your working environment.

Regardless of what your business offers, there will be plenty of times where you find yourself in an office, and how you design and layout your office could determine just how successful you really are.

From office desk décor to paint and color schemes, and office furniture, here’s a look at several office décors and design tips for 2021.

Ensure there’s plenty of room for movement

Remember, when choosing a layout for an office, you need to focus on productivity and therefore it’s vital that you ensure there’s plenty of room for movement.

Regardless of how many people will be using the office, the last thing you want is for everyone to feel cramped and caged in, forcing them to squeeze past one another as this can cause disruption, hinder performance and productivity, and also drain morale as well.

Consider office desk décor which won’t become cluttered or slow people down, don't’ try to cram as much office furniture as possible, and ensure there’s plenty of open space for movement.

 office furniture

Purchase ergonomic furniture

Because so many office workers are suffering from poor posture, neck ache, back issues, and other posture-related issues caused by too much sitting, ergonomic furniture is the way to go.

When shopping for furniture for your office, consider items such as an adjustable height desk for standing, ergonomic office chairs, and so on.

The SOLOS Glass Standing Desk, for example, will make a very welcome addition to any home office as it is fully height adjustable, can be used standing or sitting, and it looks great too. Used in conjunction with the SOLOS Fashion Ergonomic Chair and you have the perfect opportunity for a stylish office layout, which is also comfortable and practical.

standing desks

Eliminate clutter

Clutter in the workplace is a definite no-no as not only can it leave the office looking untidy and messy, it can also slow down productivity and make life harder for employees.

The more cluttered an office is, the harder it is to find specific items and the easier it becomes to misplace and lose important items and documents.

When you design your new office for your startup, look for office desk décor with plenty of storage so you’re not stacking paperwork and items up on your desk and workspace. Invest in file cabinets and filing systems, ensure there’s plenty of shelving and storage, and ensure you don’t try to cram too much into the office.

file cabinet

Keep things tidy and organized

Sticking with the theme of eliminating clutter, another top tip when designing the layout of your office is to ensure you can keep everything tidy and organized.

Make sure that you use cable manager and organizers to keep cables and wires looking neat and tidy. Choose an adjustable height desk with plenty of storage, don’t use empty spaces as storage just for the sake of filling a space, and be sure to keep electronic gadgets organized and out of sight.

cable manager

Create a recreational area

Don’t get us wrong, we of course know that the sole reason for going to work is to, well, work, but we all need a little time out now and then where we can have a break and relax.

No matter how big your office is going to be, try to include an area in there which is for recreation and relaxing.

If you’re a huge organization, you could maybe include an entire room complete with comfortable chairs, a pool table, air hockey, and so on. For smaller, more conservative offices, however, even something as simple as a corner of the room with a sofa and a coffee table will work wonders and will really give your employees somewhere to relax, unwind, and clear their minds before they start work once more.

recreational area

Encourage standing

As mentioned, ergonomic furniture is very important for new offices, but so too are standing desks.

An adjustable height desk that can be used for sitting and standing will work wonders on your employee’s mental health, their posture, their productivity, and their mindsets in general.

Standing desks provide numerous health benefits, as well as plenty of work-related benefits too. As well as adjustable height desk products for standing, be sure to equip each standing desk with a standing desk mat, also known as an anti-fatigue mat, as these promote comfort and are considered the ultimate standing desk accessory.

standing mat

Plants and natural light

Finally, the last office décor and design tip we have for you today are to include things such as plants and natural light.

Natural light not only makes it easier to see, but it also creates a light and airy atmosphere and can help to boost morale and improve mental health.

Avoid blinds, curtains, and large pieces of furniture which block out natural light and instead try to use light colors and open up doors, windows, and skylights to let natural light flood in.

Plants are a great accessory for any office because not only do they look great, they can also help to filter the air and act as natural air filters so the air is cleaner and fresher, and free of toxins and allergens.