Increase your workspace

L shaped standing desk

One of the most prominent reasons why L shaped adjustable desk products is the fact that they offer you plenty of additional workspaces.

An l shaped standing desk is ideal because it sits snugly in the corner and essentially you wind up with twice as much desk space as you would with a regular desk thanks to the unique ‘L’ shape of the desk.

Having this additional space is very beneficial as it means that you can organize your desk surface more efficiently which means that your productivity levels will likely go up as a result.

Great for your posture

Because so many people spend so many hours each week sat hunched over at their desks typing away on a laptop or computer, chiropractors are noticing a distinct increase in the number of people visiting them as a result of posture issues.

L shaped standing desk

Poor posture from sitting for a long duration of time can result in compression of the discs in the neck and spine, it can result in trapped nerves, headaches, dizzy spells, neck ache, backache, and much more on top of that.

Because of the fact that an L-shaped adjustable desk can be adjusted into a standing desk, this means that you can work while standing up as well as sitting down.

Standing desks improve fitness, they burn calories, they are much better for your posture, and they’re a great space saver as well.

Elbow support

On the subject of posture, when you slouch forwards and hunch your shoulders without any arm support, this can, over time, have a negative effect on your posture.

An L-shaped corner desk is ideal in these instances because it can help to offer you support for your elbow as you type away at your laptop or keyboard.

This isn’t just beneficial for your posture and ergonomics, it’s also a great deal more comfortable as well.

All the latest features

Because of the breakthroughs in modern technology, L-shaped standing desk products have proved to be especially popular as they are now equipped with a whole host of various gadgets and accessories.

The SOLOS Premium L-Shaped Standing Desk for example, comes complete with 3 motors, a smart controller with USB charging, an in-built ‘Anti-Collision’ system, one-touch adjustments, three memory height pre-sets, and even its own alarm that can be adjusted to go off between every 1 minute and every 99 minutes to remind the user to change position and alternate between standing and sitting.

 SOLOS Premium L-Shaped Standing Desk

At this the sleek and stylish contemporary design and it’s easy to see why so many people have been so impressed by this L-shaped standing desk from SOLOS.

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