Many factors play a role in how much success an organization enjoys. Employers introduce several measures and incentives to ensure their workers deliver maximally. Some of these measures can include free lunch, health care, house and wardrobe allowance, bonuses, and increased salary. With the growing rate of competition amongst organizations, employers are on the lookout for competitive advantages. The best talents are being hunted, and a thriving work culture is being created.

Despite all of these, not much attention has been paid to the role of comfort on an employee's work performance. Productivity is the sole reason employers hunt for the best talent, but sometimes even the best talents need to be triggered to work their magic. There is a strong relationship between the physical appeal and comfort in the workplace and how much employees deliver, and this is how furniture comes in handy. Office design and furniture go a long way in creating the right environment for efficiency.

It sounds trivial, but it is a psychologically proven fact. When staff are comfortable, they not only get excited about work, they also have the right conditions to be productive, both mentally and physically. A recent study by Alan Hedge, Ph.D., and Cornell University established a strong link between comfort and performance. A physical work environment can also be known as an ergonomic workplace.

Why The Workplace Needs To Be Comfortable

Man is both externally and internally motivated. Humans need to be in certain conditions to produce economic value. For instance, a tight and clustered environment—littered with waste—will make employees feel clumsy and draggy. Also, an uncomfortable chair and desk will cause workers to develop back and nerve issues which may affect their job performance.

The workplace needs to be comfortable to ensure that members can carry out their duties without complaints and health consequences. The office should be well decorated for visual appeal. It must be well-furnished with comfortable chairs and desks for health reasons.

ergonomic workplace

How To Increse Workplace Productivity

1.Invest In Ergonomics
2.Get The Right Chairs

ergonomic chair

3.Comfortable Temperature
4. Proper Light Levels
5. Keep The Place Tidy

tidy workplace

6. Eliminate Noise
7. Use Plants For Visual Appeal


The Result Of Workplace Comfort On Productivity

Motivation: When the workplace is comfortable and nice, it boosts employees' morale and keeps them motivated for work. Rather than complaints of sore wrists and backaches, employees can work with ease and delight.

Safety: When people realize that they are safe, they'll be encouraged to work knowing there would be no health effects or hazards while carrying out their duty.

Increased team spirit: Work culture would thrive better in a comfortable environment that meets each individual's needs. Making the workplace comfortable causes efficiency and increases team spirit.

Wrap Up

The productivity of workers is largely tied to how comfortable they are. At SOLOS, we have all you need for the comfort of your workers. Our team is waiting to help you with the spark that is just right for your workplace; you are just a dial away (tel:6504464400).