What Are the Benefits of Standing Desks for People?

SOLOS Standing Desks

How to Choose the Right Standing Desk for you?

 adjustable standing desk


With an electric standing desk, you can take advantage of an adjustable standing desk with hardly any effort on your part. They tend to be more convenient than manual standing desks.

home standing desk


Working in an office building or a home office provides differences in the amount of space available to work. A home standing desk could afford to be a little wider than a commercial office standing desk, so size is important to consider.

electric standing desk


If you only have papers and a small laptop to accommodate, you could stand to use a lighter weight desk than someone who might need to support extra computer monitors.

Why Choose V2?

best adjustable standing desk


This electric standing desk can raise and lower to the appropriate height at a rate of 1.3 inches per second to keep you as productive as possible. Because of the one-touch adjustment system, you can easily get the desk to the perfect height with barely any effort on your part, so you don't have to stop what you're doing, while turbo motors allow for faster, smoother movements when adjusting. Three memory height settings make this function even more convenient.

best standing desk


A convenient frame height range between 27.2 inches and 46.5 inches total, perfect for people of any height, and with a total weight capacity of 265 pounds, it can hold even the heaviest of workloads and computers. Its non-porous design makes it easy to clean off, while the auto-dark LED display ensures you can comfortably work in low-light settings.

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While some standing desks can run as high as $1,000, this SOLOS V2 Desk stays well below half of that at only $389, making it as convenient as it is cost-effective.