Health experts are all in agreement over the fact that sitting is the new smoking? That may sound a little extreme, but when you consider the risks and complications of leading a sedentary lifestyle, it’s easy to understand why health officials are so concerned.

In the past, it was just office workers that were singled out for too much sitting because we spend so many hours per day sitting at a desk in front of a computer. New research, however, is pointing to the fact that children are also at risk of the dangers associated with too much sitting, which is why kids standing desk products are now proving so popular.

Standing desks have revolutionized how people work in the office. Now, thanks to products such as a standing desk for schoolwork, children can also benefit from the many health benefits associated with standing desks.

To help emphasize just how vital a standing children’s desk can be, here’s a look at several health benefits of using a standing desk for kids while at school.

Reduced risk of obesity:

Reduced risk of obesity

Standing desks help children to focus

kids standing desk

Standing desks in school will promote good posture

 kids standing desk

Can improve a child’s mental health

electric standing desk

Standing desks are fun

 kids standing desk