Many office workers often find themselves sitting at a desk for long hours at a stretch. On average, working adults with a steady 9 to 5 find themselves sitting at a desk for more than 7 hours every day. What they do not realize, however, is the long-term effects this would have on their health.

The prototypical working behavior of the average adult is a trap for a sedentary lifestyle. Not only is sitting for too long bad for the muscles of the legs and back, but it also increases the risk of health problems like heart diseases, diabetes, and even some types of cancer.

Sitting for long periods has also been linked to health concerns like obesity, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat, and an abnormal cholesterol level.

Since the typical workspace calls for a desk space where all the work is carried out, what can be done? Other than the walk breaks recommended to every adult, another favorite solution is a standing desk.

A standing desk is built like any other office desk but designed to be used while standing. These types of desks have been around for quite a while and have only just started becoming mainstream as more and more people become aware of their not-so-hidden benefits.

Over the years, standing desks have evolved from simple structures to having various designs and ergonomic features. These standing desks are of multiple purposes, often coming as a home standing desk, an office standing desk, and even a home office standing desk.

Some standing desks have a fixed height, while some are adjustable height desks to double as sitting/standing desks. This type is popularly known as the sit/stand desk.

Some desk designs even come as an electric standing desk with pre-installed USB ports so the worker can get all the work done at their desks. All designs, however, have the same goal in common… to provide less sitting time and, essentially, better health for all office workers.

Contrary to popular opinion, you are not required to be at your standing desk all day. It is good to alternate between sitting and standing while you work by remembering to take 30 minutes to 1 hour standing breaks for every 2 hours you sit.

Why are standing desks so important, anyway?

Some of the benefits of using standing desks include:

1. Lower Risk of Obesity and Weight Gain

 lose weight

2.Reduce Back and Neck Pain

reduce back and neck pain

3.Lower Blood Sugar Level

 lower blood sugar level

4. Increase Productivity

electric standing desk

5.Reduce Risk of Heart Diseases

reduce risk of heart diseases

6.Improve Mood and Energy

office standing desk

7.Reduce Stress

 home standing desk

8. Longer Life

 keep healthy

Wrap Up

SAn organization with a healthy workforce will stay productive, and one way to achieve this is by creating conducive working conditions for all employees. You can go through our catalog to see different standing desks available for you to buy.