SOLOS Standing Desks

Power Grommet

Power Grommet

Years ago, the need for a power source at a desk was not considered essential, as computers were nowhere near as common as they are now, and people would instead use good old fashioned pens and paper.

Times moved on, technology advanced, and we became more reliant on technology in the workplace than ever before.

Nowadays, what with computers, laptops, printers, scanners, smart phones, tablets, and other electronic devices, a plentiful power supply at your desk is vital.

A SOLOS power grommet for standing desks is one of the best standing desk accessories you could wish for.

Offering dual power sockets, dual USB charging ports, simple installation, a sleek and modern design, and heaps of practicality, having a SOLOS power grommet installed on your standing desk is one of the best workplace hacks you could wish for.

standing desk casters


Okay, this next example of some of the more popular desk accessories isn’t something most of you will have considered important, but take it from us, when you’re trying to move a heavy desk from end of the room to another, and it doesn’t have casters, you’ll really wish it did.

SOLOS casters for a standing desk are great because you fit them to your desk and you can instantly and effortlessly wheel your desk from one point of the room to another, without breaking a sweat.

Offering locking mechanisms on two wheels, 360-degree swivel heads, and a 440lb weight capacity, these are desk accessories that are affordable, basic, and incredibly efficient.

standing desks mat

Standing Mat

When it comes to standing desk accessories for comfort, a standing mat is considered a necessity.

An ergonomic standing mat is designed to offer anti-fatigue relief to relieve stress in the feet and your joints.

The mat is designed to protect your feet and ensure that you feel as comfortable and as supported as possible when you are standing at your desk rather than sitting.

With massage points which will help to massage and stimulate sore feet, you’ll be incredibly comfortable as you work.

Made from an environmentally friendly polyurethane material, this is one of the most important desk accessories when it comes to your comfort and posture.

cable manager

Cable Manager

One of the biggest downsides to having heaps of electrical products in the workplace is the fact that they all need cables and the more cables you have, the more tangled they become and the messier your workstation becomes.

The solution to this is a cable manager, which is proving to be one of the best standing desk accessories on the market today.

A cable manager is designed to be installed under the desk, whereby it helps organize your cables, keeping them individual, neat and tidy, hidden out of sight, and well organized.

In a sleek and stylish white metal design, this cable holder fits discreetly under your desk and helps to create a neat and tidy working environment.

CPU Holder

CPU Holder

Sick of kicking your big and clunky CPU which you’ve got under your desk because it’s the only place for it to go? If so, then a CPU holder is one of the best standing desk accessories, or regular desk accessories, that you could ever wish for.

A CPU holder comes with a top plate and an adjustable holder. You basically securely place your CPU into the holder, and then carefully attach the holder to the top plate, which will have been securely attached to the underside of your desk.

Now you have a “floating” CPU that is not only hidden out of sight, but also will no longer get in the way of your feet or chair.

With massage points which will help to massage and stimulate sore feet, you’ll be incredibly comfortable as you work.

This product is adjustable, easy to install, has a 3-year warranty by SOLOS, and has a weight capacity of 33-pounds, or 15kg.

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels

If you’re looking for standing desk accessories that noticeably improve the acoustics of your office and working environments, acoustic panels are ideal.

These panels are designed to be placed on either side of a standing desk and are made from sound absorbing material, which basically helps to reduce echoing and generally improve the acoustics in your office.

The eco-friendly polyester fibreboard material not only offers additional privacy on either side of your desk, it is also designed to be used with push pins like a note board, so you can pin important notes and documents to your desk.

Cable Ties

Cable Ties

Last, but by no means least, we have hook and loop cable ties.

Designed for cable management, these desk accessories are ideal for desks and workspaces with a lot of cables and electrical cords.

This simple fastening tape can be used to neaten up cables in seconds, creating an aesthetic and productive workspace that’s free of clutter and debris.

Made from a nylon material, the tape can be cut to length and offers reusable fastening to ensure your cables are neatly bunched together, instead of hanging loose and becoming tangled.

For the ultimate in office organization, use these desk accessories with a cable manager like we looked at earlier.