If you’re a chiropractor living in the 21st century, one of the main inventions you can thank for providing you with so much work over the years is the internet.

Because so many office jobs now require people to spend significant amounts of time sitting on uncomfortable chairs at their desks, perched in front of a computer monitor or laptop, bad posture and the side effects associated with poor posture are more prevalent than ever before.

If you find yourself constantly dealing with a sore back as well as neck pain and discomfort, this could very well be down to bad posture caused by your office desk or chair. Nowadays, sitting is considered very harmful which is why standing desks are now proving to be so hugely popular in office environments.

But how do standing desks help improve your health and conquer neck and back pain? Let’s take a look, shall we?

What is a standing desk?

Adjustable standing desks are now commonplace in a lot of offices and working environments, due largely to the fact that they are so efficient at tackling the risks and ill-effects caused by prolonged spells of sitting.

Adjustable standing desks are specially created desks that are designed to allow users to alternate between periods of sitting down to work and standing up to work. These desks are typically electronic and can be adjusted by pressing a button.

The idea is not to spend all day standing up working, instead, the idea is to alternate between periods of sitting down and periods of standing up throughout the day.

Glass Standing Desk

What are the benefits of standing desks?

An adjustable standing desk such as the SOLOS Glass Standing Desk is ideal for people who are suffering from back and/or neck ache and generally poor posture. But why?

Here’s a look at how standing desks can conquer neck and back pain.

electric standing desk
Standing desks help to align your spine
back pain
Standing desks help to relieve back pain
electric standing desk
Standing desks promote weight management