If you’re a gamer, you will no doubt have spent many a day/night sat at your desk gaming and having the time of your life. Gaming is fantastic as it offers us an escape from the reality of the modern world, it helps us unwind, it helps us socialize, and above all else, it helps us have fun.

If you take your gaming seriously, not only will you have invested plenty of money into your PC/games console, but you will likely also have invested heavily in your gaming setup. It could be that you’re in the process of buying a gaming desk and building a gaming setup, in which case this is your lucky day.

To help you design the ultimate gaming setup, here’s a look at 15 gaming desk accessories that all gamers should have.

Ergonomic gaming chair

Up first, we have an ergonomic gaming chair.

If you’re a gamer, you are probably going to be putting some pretty severe hours in while gaming, and so the last thing you’re going to want to be dealing with is the various aches and pains associated with poor posture.

Ergonomic gaming chairs help to protect the back and spine while offering lumbar support and comfort for a comfortable and productive gaming experience.

ergonomic gaming chair

Standing Gaming Desk

As well as a gaming chair, you are also going to need a gaming desk.

Again, to help avoid bad posture and back issues, a standing gaming desk such as the SOLOS Gaming Sanding Desk is perfect.

These desks can be used standing and sitting; they’re water and scratch-resistant, they look great, they offer plenty of desk space for your other gaming accessories, and they’re also very easily adjusted.

gaming standing desk

Gaming monitors

Notice how we used the plural here when talking about gaming monitors? That’s because one monitor just isn’t enough when it comes to an actual gaming setup.

For the ultimate gaming experience, you should go with two or even three gaming monitors, which will completely change the way you play your games. Using two or even three monitors can essentially double or triple your monitor size while gaming, and who wouldn’t want that?

gaming monitors

Monitor stand

A monitor stand is another essential gaming desk accessory that gamers may want to invest in.

Ideal for use with standing gaming desk products, these desk accessories allow you to adjust the height and angle of your monitors in no time at all.

When you need to get your monitor(s) set at just the precise height and angle, a monitor stand is perfect.

monitor stand


If you’re looking for a simple yet effective example of desk accessories that don’t cost much but make a huge difference, a USB Hub certainly fits the bill.

If you’re struggling to access behind your monitors or TV screens to access the USB ports for your various gadgets and gizmos, a USB Hub is ideal.

Functioning similarly to how an extension lead does with regular power outlets, you plug this hub into the USB port of your device and you can then place it in an easy-to-reach location where you can now have as many as 10 USB slots in a very practical location.

USB hub

Phone charging station

Let’s face it because our phones now do so much for us and rely on them for so many of life’s everyday chores; we need access to them throughout the day and evening.

To ensure your phone is within arm’s reach and that it is fully charged while you game away, go ahead and include a phone charging station as part of your gaming desk setup.

Phone charging station

Wire organizer

As fantastic as various electrical gadgets and gizmos can be, one of the significant drawbacks is that they have so many darned wires.

To ensure your phone is within arm’s reach and that it is fully charged while you game away, go ahead and include a phone charging station as part of your gaming desk setup.

Cable manager is amongst the most practical desk accessories that you could ever wish for, as they allow you to get your wires looking neat, tidy, and organized so your setup looks great and becomes more functional at the same time.

cable manager

Desk lamp

The humble desk lamp is one of the more simple yet equally important desk accessories as the others we’ve listed today.

We won’t insult your intelligence by explaining what a desk lamp is and what it’s useful for; all we will say is to make sure you don’t forget to include one on your gaming desk setup.

desk lamp

Ergonomic mousepad

Believe it or not, gamers often suffer from wrist issues and conditions such as carpal tunnel due to their gaming, which is why an ergonomic mouse pad is so important.

Ergonomic mouse pads are awesome desk accessories that offer comfort and support to the hands and wrists when used by gamers.

A mousepad is essential for a gamer, so it’s always best to make it ergonomic for practicality and comfort.

ergonomic mousepad

Desk air purifier

A lot of gaming desks can be accessorized with desk air purifiers.

Air purifiers help to filter the air and filter toxins and contaminants to make it more transparent and healthier. Whether you want to remove dust, pollutants, pollen, pet dander, or nasty odors, desk air purifiers can undoubtedly do that, and much more besides.

air purifier


For the ultimate gaming experience, wireless headphones, and ideally noise-canceling headphones, should be utilized.

You can purchase stands and wireless charging stations for these headphones that sit snugly on your gaming desk, allowing you to neatly store and charge them out of the way when they’re not in use.



If your monitor/laptop doesn’t have an in-built webcam, you’re going to need to invest in one to complete your gaming desk setup.

Webcams are ideal for streaming, communicating with friends, and generally enhancing your overall gaming experience.


LED lighting

As far as cool desk accessories go, LED lighting is undoubtedly up there amongst the best.

LED lighting comes in various forms, though strip lighting is instrumental as it can be hidden out of sight.

Most gamers go with multi-colored LED lighting, which you can alter via an app or remote control. When gaming at night, LED lighting can bring any gaming desk setup to life.

LED lighting

Microphone and stand

A microphone is another desk accessory that will work very well when used as a gaming setup.

Microphones can be used to communicate with other gamers and stream and record audio and audio clips.

Your mic is going to require a stand as well.


Gaming mouse and keyboard

Finally, to help create the ultimate gaming desk setup, a gaming mouse and keyboard should be purchased.

As far as desk accessories go, a good quality gaming mouse and keyboard are significant for creating an authentic gaming experience.

Look for good quality products with ergonomic designs that are easy to use. You may wish to go with glow-in-the-dark keys or illuminated keys so that you can see what you’re doing at night and in poor light.

gaming mouse and keyboard