Advanced Standing Desk (black stand)

Dual Motors 3 Stages, Tabletop Size Option: 55"x27"(L), 47"x23"(S)

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  • Height adjustable from 22.8 to 48.4 inches at 1.50"/s(23.8 to 49.4 inches with table board), with 1 reset & 3 different height level memory preset options.
  • 55‘’x27‘’ / 47"x23" surface area with high-quality fiberboard design.
  • Weight capacity up to 125KG/276Ibs.
  • Strong stability and high speed with SPCC steel frame and dual turbo-motors.
  • 30 day trial, return & refund policy.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed and 5 year warranty.
  • Easy to assemble: the standing desk assembly takes approximately 10-30 minutes with included tools and user manual.
C-Stand Desk Frame Has Stronger Support Than Premium Frame

C-Stand Better Frame Stronger Support

The advanced dual-motor electric standing desk (comparison of single, dual and triple motor desks) is equipped with a powerful lift system (specification) that silently and effortlessly elevates your workstation to your ideal position. The dual motor and 3 stages frame creates a lift up-to 22.8 to 48.4” at 1.50”/s(23.8 to 49.4 inches with table board), it is faster and stronger than other traditional 2-stages desks (premium sit stand desk). Now you sit lower and stand higher with biggest height range. The dual motor lift mechanism offers smoother height adjustments, better stabilization and lower noise while operating.

Stand Frame Controller with USB Port

USB - Smart Controller

SOLOS C Stand come with USB smart controller (operation instruction), which integrates with a side USB port for convenient device charging, 1.5V 2A. Besides, it also comes with all SOLOS signature control features, such as customizable settings for desired user heights. You can program up to 3 heights so you can get that perfect height each time. The memory feature allows you to program custom heights so you can transit to your exact standing and sitting positions with a push of one button. And you may also benefit from 1-99 minutes time-alarm features, for a healthy using habit.

High Quality And Eco-Friendly Feature of SOLOS Desk

High Quality And Eco-Friendly

You can customize the color and material of your office desk to perfectly fit your space. SOLOS stand up desk boards come in your choice of a high-quality E1 level wood (black, white, wood and walnut) both traditional rectangular and curve shape, All SOLOS desktops must pass the strict EPA (Environment Protect Agency) certified and truly environment friendly. And the desk frame is built of SPCC steel, which makes it a solid product with high load capacity on the surface, available for both white and black color. We wanted to make SOLOS standing desk extremely comfortable for long periods of use. You'll reach more of your desktop with ease. Get closer to your work and increase productivity with strong, sturdy and stylish office desks.

SOLOS Desk Gives a Better Ergonomic Lifestyle for Business Office and Home Office

The Ergonomic Lifestyle

The advanced height adjustable desk includes all the features necessary to deliver the benefits you expect from a standing desk, such as enhanced focus and increased calorie burning. Sitting puts unnecessary and unhealthy strain on your entire body. Use this desk frame to elevate your workstation to an ergonomic height while encouraging healthy movement. Stand periodically throughout the day to keep the blood flowing and help you stay awake and alert. And SOLOS adjustable standing desk is your best choice for a healthier lifestyle where it creates a comfortable and flexible environment for you in order to improve workers’ contentment and productivity.

Key Specifications

Desk Surface E1 Level Desk Top (Prefabricated holes)
Steel Frame SPCC
Height range of frame 22.8'' - 48.4''/(580-1230mm)
Horizontal Range of the Frames 36.7''-68.2''/(933-1733mm)
Stage of each leg 3
Motors Qty 2
Lift Type Electric
Max speed 1.50"/s(38mm/s)
Noise Emission Under 45 dBS
Preset Function Yes
Alarm Function Yes
Anti-Collision System Yes
Non-porous Design Yes
Operation Temperature 32-104°F
Voltage 110-240V
Load Capacity 125kg/276lbs
Shipping Dimension 45.1''x 8.1''x 9.8''/1145x205x250mm (stand) + 58.1''x30.1''x2.8''/1476x765x72mm(board)
Shipping Weight 35.6kg/78.5lbs (stand) + 19.8kg/43.7lbs (board)
Warranty 5 Years





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